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Obsession- new release!

Louisiana Secrets Series: Book Two ❤

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Patti Corbello Archer

Coming Soon! Title peek…

Book two of the Louisiana Secrets Series will be out in February on Amazon. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t read Bloodline – book one – check it out!


Curl up with a book, it’s cold outside!

Patti Corbello Archer 🥰

The Perfect Gift❤

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I’ll be at the Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market and Swap this Saturday Dec 3rd – next to McDonald’s – with my books!!! Romantic Suspense 🥰 10 to 2 Come check us out! Shop local❤ Merry Christmas!

Patti Corbello Archer


Come on down!

Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market next to McDonald’s!

Happy Saturday…Patti

Meet the Heroine. Gabrielle.


Meet the Hero. Dakota. Astride his black stallion.


Create the woman, the heroine, Her

Yes, he is pursuing her from yesterday’s post. Remember his black hair and green eyes?

Well, today, I write and show you Her.

I pick her hair. *It’s long, brushing his face, platinum.

Then I wait for her eyes to open. *With breathtaking color, so light blue they are almost silver, and she watches him come to her.

She stands and only reaches his chest. *Petite, graceful, and he tilts her chin so their eyes meet.

I see her lips. *Full, pink, and moist.

Her face. *Heart-shaped, lovely, and fair.

Her nose. *Feminine and appreciative as she smells his cologne.

Her shape. *Slim and graceful like a dancer, all woman. all his.

Her hands. *Warm, sensual, with long pink fingernails that lay against his chest.

Her voice. *Musical, sweet, and smooth as she whispers, “Will you play our favorite song?”

Her heart. *Yielding. She’s all his. And Gods.

Yes. They are a beautiful couple.

A story waiting to be written.

Create the man, the hero, the One

I can’t help but smile. As a writer I so love this part. Come with me.

I pick his hair. *It’s thick, and run your fingers through it, black.

Then I stare into the face until his eyes focus on me. *His gaze is deep and intense, with I can read you, green eyes.

And then I have to look up. *He’s tall, looking down, at only me.

I see his lips. *They are well-defined, masculine and parted.

His face fills my vision. *With bronze skin, high cheekbones, and a stubble beard.

His nose. *Strong and bold as he inhales my perfume.

His body. *Fills his clothes impressively, all man, all mine.

His hands. *Strong, impressive, protective, and direct, as he pulls me close.

His voice. *Deep, intimate, as he says, “I waited all day for this dance with you.”

His heart. *Pursuing. He’s all yours. And Gods.

Yes. This hero can definitely work a romance story.

Tomorrow I will show you who he is pursuing.