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3 part story of God’s Upper Chambers

HIS Upper Chambers…….Part 3 of 3

Laughing, I follow Jesus as He leads me past where the grass rug ends to where the Jerusalem pebble floor meets the edge of the pool.  Both of us step down knee deep into the water and just watch the waterfall fill and swirl in the pool as waves gently lap against us.  Peace like a river is the thought that runs through my mind.  Then all of a sudden, He splashes me, laughing at my gasp!  As we enjoy the water we decide to swim out into the middle of the pool where large boulders form a small private island covered with a soft green moss.  Jesus and I climb up and sit there, legs dangling in the pool – just talking.

Jesus said, “Do you remember the night you asked for a special baptism because I revealed to you that your victimization mindset had developed a prejudice against men?”  I reached out and put my hand in His and said, “I certainly do – I will never forget that baptism and how our relationship changed after that night.”  He said, “I watched you in the dressing room stand in front of the full length mirror in your white baptismal gown just staring at yourself.  Then I watched you let your long hair down, take off your big loop errings and take a tissue and wipe off every bit of your red lipstick. Do you have any idea how beautiful you were to me…just like that?”

I swallowed hard and leaned my head against His shoulder.  He continued, “You chose to surrender for forgiveness instead of staying bound by a mindset that would have kept you from getting closer to me.”   I said, “I trusted you, Jesus…and all I knew to do was go to you to wash it from me.”

I slid off the rock down into the water by His feet and continued, “I waited for you in the baptismal pool…I knew you would touch me in some way that night…I just didn’t know how.”   He slid off the rock and into the water with me and said, “I was in there with you…and as you went under the water that night, I was there under the water with you in that baptismal pool – cleansing you and receiving your public declaration for me  – and my heart set you free…to love me more…and others too.  This waterfall pool that we swim in here today is my baptismal pool…the one where I swim with each one of you that is baptized in my name.  When you go under the baptismal waters on earth …these are the waters you are in… with me.”

Then Jesus took me by the hand and we dove down in the deep – swimming towards the edge of the pool.  Once we reached land all we had to do was step out of the pool and we were instantly dry.  He said, “Come, let us sit awhile…” and we walked to His temple seating area.  He sat on one of the large cushions and I sat at His feet, leaning against His knees just looking at Him.  He smiled softly and said, “Go ahead, say it…” and touched me softly on my check.  I swallowed hard and said, “Help me, Jesus, be more you than me…”  He said, “I thought you would never ask.”  He reached out and put a hand on each side of my head and pulled me closer to Him as He leaned His forehead to lay it against mine and said, “You have the mind of Christ and DO HOLD to the thoughts, feelings and purposes of MY heart.”

Receiving deeply I spoke it with Him as He said it again into my mind and spirit.  “O Jesus,” I said, “I absolutely need you to speak yourself alive in me.  Now that I know you personally, even reading your Word fills me with you as I hear and envision you speaking the Word on the pages INTO me. “  I saw Him swallow hard and pause for a long moment watching me.  “Do you have any idea how I long for that, precious one?  To actually be heard and received as I continue to share myself on those pages?”

Looking off into the distance, He said, “So many times the Word is never even realized as Me…and yet I have shared so much…paid so much…yearned so much. Rejection is never easy, sweet one, no matter which side of heaven you are on.  Very few realize that my desire too is to be chosen to be loved.”

Sitting there for awhile we said nothing…just rested with each other in our relationship…and trusted in a love that spanned the heavens.  After several moments, He reached out and tore off a hunk of bread on the low table beside Him, gave one to me, and took one for Himself.  Then He reached for the goblets, took one for Him and gave me one also.  We ate silently…remembering another supper…

Putting the goblets down, He stood and said, “I want to show you something.”  He helped me up and we walked to the window seats looking out across everything…heavens and earth alike.  As He sat on the edge, He looked out and His eyes saw everything before Him.  I watched Him watch all of you and it was life changing.  I watched a tear fall from Him as a tear fell from you.  I watched Him throw back His head and laugh as He watched you laugh.  I watched Him say, “NO!” as He watched you choose a painful journey.  I watched Him grab His heart as you called His name.  Watching Him love you was beautiful…and a wonderful way to close this story.

Our lives are not filled with games of chance or specks on a microscope.  Our lives are connected to the one who STILL breathes for you.  I know…because I watched Him.

Heaven is as close as a heartbeat.  Just listen…

Thank you – I pray that you were blessed.  This is so much more than a story…my sharing is part creation…is part prophecy…but it is all inspiration because it is all Him.

God bless you,

Patti Corbello Archer

September 27, 2011

Part 3 of 3……..His Upper Chambers

HIS Upper Chambers continues….part 2 of 3


Breathless as the last note of my worship song fades off, I reach the top of the  marble staircase.  Silent I step out onto a holy floor somewhere above heaven’s realm.  Just 20 feet in front of me I gaze up at a wall with two carved crystal doors – each as tall as a tree.  I walk towards the doors – fascinated each time that I see all the names of my God etched deep into the crystal panels from top to bottom.  Each name is the color of a different jewel…priceless, like Him.

Framing the majestic doorway itself is a veil that hangs like a trophy on each side of the doors.  Its ancient material rich with color looks like two giant hands split it right in two – to reveal the doorway that I see now before me.  What a doorway…

“Jesus!” I call as I push open the door to run in.  I had to shield my face from His light once I entered the room.  I heard His footsteps and laugh as I try so hard to focus on Him through the light.  I saw enough of Him to launch myself into Him and He grabbed me – spinning me around and around – both of us laughing – and He hugged me and said, “I have been waiting for you!”   Still breathless, I hug Him back and said, “I am lonesome for you!”   He tilted my chin up and looked me in the face and said, “I truly love that about you.”

I don’t know how long we stood there like that – just to look into each other’s face.  It was like He couldn’t get enough of me.  He ran His hands down my face – happy to watch me watch Him – and then He smiled – and everything about Him made my knees give way and He had to catch me so that I didn’t fall.  He straightened me back up and I was finally able to have enough strength and focus to smile back at Him.  But then I think my heart exploded when He burst out laughing and held me.  Whispering in my ear, He said, “Glory knows that I love you…”

I close my eyes and know….that to love Him, He is everything that I dream, believe, pray and need.  I know so much about Him from His Word and His presence.  I know even more from spending personal time with Him.  Of all His Holy names where He has revealed Himself to me through the years – I now see them all rolled into one…at least to my eyes.   Leaning slowing away from Him, I I tenderly reach up and trace the side of His face first, then His eyes.  His eyes – alive like no other’s…truly does see beyond sight.  And I promise…my spirit testifies that there is a power embraced in them that flickers down through my soul…down to every soul.

He is just glorious.  The Abba of His creation has rich, thick hair that falls well below His shoulders.  He is wearing a floor length white tunic made of a linen cloth interwoven with crystal thread.  His feet are bare…like mine.  His skin is bronze.  He is tall and lean.  And His hands…well, for me His hands are gentle.  And although I can’t actually see the power that fills Him I can certainly feel it in the way that everything around Him comes alive when He is near…including me.

After a moment, Jesus takes my hand and turns me to face the inside of His chambers.  And I know, that I know, that it means everything to Him that I want to share His world with Him.  His Upper Chambers reflects Him and all that He is.  He is sharing Himself…because I love Him enough to ask.

As I look throughout His chambers as we walk – it is always massive and royal – the size of a castle – but without the constricting walls or ceilings of a real castle.  The ceiling, if I can call it that, is taller than the tallest tree and made of a wide gold latticework that you can see all the stars through.  No light fixture is ever needed for everything simply reflects His light.

The floor is a real grass rug – soft and silky just like new grass in the spring.  It is woven around the edges and spread across the floor to form a perfect square in the entire center of His chamber.   The floor under the rug is made of pebbles from the streets of Jerusalem.

As for three of His four walls, they aren’t traditional but instead are hip level window seats that open almost all of  His chambers like a private balcony to the heavens and earth below.  The fourth wall area…is framed with a waterfall from the river that runs underneath the staircase to heaven.

But as for the center of the room, the central chamber area is like a huge temple seating and teaching area…it is warm and inviting with candles, pillows, food trays, goblets, and fresh bread.  The whole area is framed at each corner by columns that reach to the roof.

As we walk past the temple area, suddenly Jesus pulls me forward and says, “Come on…come swim with me…

Part 3 continues tomorrow night…

Patti Corbello Archer

HIS UPPER CHAMBERS…Encounters…God’s Appointment Book

September 26, 2001

HIS Upper Chambers………Part 1 of 3

I remember when I first began to be one of the millions of hungry souls searching and seeking my identity and purpose in life…daring to hope that I was more than what I saw in my reflection in the mirror.  My memories were full of experiences that claimed ownership of me but I wondered, “Was this all there was?  Was there really a purpose that I was even born?  To Jesus, did I even make any difference at all?”

It was along this personal relationship journey with Jesus that  His Word and Presence began to rumble and activate deep inside of me…and I finally began to get it…to believe in WHO and WHAT God said that I was…to Him.  Once I embraced Jesus, He gave me the keys to His home and I gave Him the keys to mine.  My life changed and intimacy between us became real life encounters that rocked me and defined me.

To this day, I still hold tightly to my time with Him and run to His side…anytime! No one can keep me from Him!  Truly, God has taught me well to run boldly to His throne of grace…to Him.  I don’t just have to need something from Him to go to Him, sometimes it is just to sit at His feet as He shares with me what is on His heart, or watch Him as He works, or listen to Him as teaches me, or maybe I just need Him to remind me that my world is more than what I see around me.

While my spiritual journey may be unseen by the human eye, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real.  It is so real that I can hear His heartbeat when He holds me.  I can feel my hair move as He leans down whispering in my ear as He points to show me something that He wants me to see.

Oh yes, spiritually I know where my Jesus is.  This is what I want to share with you…His Upper Chambers.  His secret place – His private place – the place where He meets me…in His world.

I don’t always know when I am going to go to His place.  Sometimes it is a heaven-sent thought that calls me and other times just a personal longing that rises up when I am lonesome for Him.  No matter why, I just know that He is always there, always waiting, and always eager to see me.  There is nothing like watching the look in His eyes as I enter His chambers…






 Psalm 4:1-3   Oh Lord my God…You are clothed with splendor and majesty…wrapped in light.  You stretched out the heavens like a tent and laid the beams of your upper chambers on the waters…clouds are your chariot and you ride on the wings of the wind.

I have to begin my story with leaning against God…resting upon Him.  I love to rest on Him! Well, truth to tell, I have to rest on Him…for there is no rest without Him.  Thinking and knowing my Jesus this way teaches me to rise high above all things because deep down I accept that I can always reach Him!  Sometimes I open my bible and read His Word…learning about what He thinks and feels.  Sometimes I call up and speak His Word that is memorized on the inside of me.  Sometimes I just think of Him and tell Him I love Him…and smile when He gives me that spirit to spirit hug.  Sometimes, I literally just lay my bible on top of my heart and let the God of the Word begin to respond to the Word of God deep within me.  And then other times, I just run for Him…

There is no life like the spiritual one.  There is no journey like the spiritual one.  When He calls me to come to Him or when I call on Him that I am coming…no matter…I am released to go and my spirit rises and soars seeking the one who woos like no other.   I simply let my spirit lead and I begin to see beyond my room.  The things of the world begin to grown dim and fade away.  My ears begin to hear things I can’t normally hear and my heart beats in anticipation of what is coming…like tonight…come with me…and share the Jesus that I see.

Gradually my vision clears and spiritually I find myself walking toward a huge gateway in front of me.  It shimmers iridescent – almost like not one single color can even lay claim to it.  No door is needed to cover this secret gateway because rotating above it is a massive flaming sword that promises that it will never be found by eyes of flesh.  Knowledge of His private passageway (referenced in Genesis 3:24) always excites me and I begin to run through the gate!  As I run along the stone pathway that runs behind it, lyrics of worship buried in my heart begin to rise and burst forth in spontaneous song.  I am coming Jesus, I am coming… as I sing.

Before long, I see the pathway is about to change as a clear blue marble staircase as wide as a river rises up – literally climbing into the heavens. Joyfully, I begin to climb the stairs – the stone feels so cool to my bare feet.  I pause for just a second so I can hear the mighty river that actually runs beneath it.  It is so awesome!!  The sound of the water reminds me of His voice so I jump up and keep climbing, faster and faster, knowing that my singing tells Him that I am coming.  In my spirit I hear His chuckle, and He says, “Hurry, precious one, hurry!”

It seems like the stairs rise forever but I know time has no meaning.  I glance back and can see the world that I have left behind.  Each step that I go further away brings me closer to Him.  It is truly amazing that all the things that take so much of my time and energy actually seem to matter so little in His world.  As my world falls away the clearer and more vibrant His world is revealed.

He is everywhere.  He is everything.  His heartbeat draws me with a rhythm that I know well.  “I am coming, Jesus!  I am coming!” I call out to Him as I climb the last few steps to reach the top.

Part 2 continued tomorrow night…

Patti Corbello Archer

HIS UPPER CHAMBERS…Encounters in God’s Appointment Book

September 25, 2001