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Create the man, the hero, the One

I can’t help but smile. As a writer I so love this part. Come with me.

I pick his hair. *It’s thick, and run your fingers through it, black.

Then I stare into the face until his eyes focus on me. *His gaze is deep and intense, with I can read you, green eyes.

And then I have to look up. *He’s tall, looking down, at only me.

I see his lips. *They are well-defined, masculine and parted.

His face fills my vision. *With bronze skin, high cheekbones, and a stubble beard.

His nose. *Strong and bold as he inhales my perfume.

His body. *Fills his clothes impressively, all man, all mine.

His hands. *Strong, impressive, protective, and direct, as he pulls me close.

His voice. *Deep, intimate, as he says, “I waited all day for this dance with you.”

His heart. *Pursuing. He’s all yours. And Gods.

Yes. This hero can definitely work a romance story.

Tomorrow I will show you who he is pursuing.