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Oh. My. Gosh! by Patti Corbello Archer


In the spirit I entered through the temple doorway and saw Jesus leaned against a massive column at the edge of heaven’s balcony. I walked across the floor towards him. He lifted his right arm as I neared him and he pulled me against him. We both looked out across the world. We stood quietly for a moment and then He leaned down and kissed the top of my head. He said, “Happy Mother’s Day.” Tears choked me up and I was unable to speak for a moment. He just squeezed me. Then he pointed out across the world and said, “Watch with me.”

We leaned out and you could see the world displayed like a life canopy. People, their hearts, and their relationships were readily shared for Jesus to see. He began to reach for them. I could hardly speak at the love radiating around us as he arose into their lives to touch them.

I saw him send the wind to embrace each person of all ages as they knelt to put flowers at their mother’s grave – from the toddlers to the elderly with canes or walkers – Jesus was there with them as they remembered those gone. Jesus collected all their tears.

I heard him whisper to the hearts of the young mothers as they chased, washed, clothed, fed, missed sleep, gave medicine, worked multiple jobs and rocked their young loves. As he whispered to each mommy a little red heart danced from his heart to theirs.

I felt him reach to strengthen and empower the mothers of teenagers – as he shifted their burdens, worries, and tears upon his shoulders. He smiled at the relief on their face and their joy at the quick hug of a teenager on the run.

All of a sudden I saw him send rainbows of angels with jewels to the mothers of those with sick children. Whether the child was a baby or grown, in a wheelchair, in the hospital, in hospice, back at home or in a coma – the jewels were sent as a preliminary gift for their crown.

I think I was in awe the whole time. Not one mother was missed. Not one. Not even the ones whose children were missing. Jesus kissed the face of each child for each of those mothers. He knows where their children are and he will never leave them.

He didn’t forget the special mothers either. You know, the women who can’t give birth or adopt. I watched Jesus water the seeds that he trusted those moms with in the lives of children around them. Those mother’s hearts are blessed by God.

Oh what a beautiful morning. I cried for each mother. I smiled for each kiss he gave them. I thanked him for my mother and my family. How glorious is Jesus…

I lifted up my head to look at him as he reached the last mother on Earth. I opened my mouth to talk to him and he covered my mouth with his hand. He said with a twinkle in his eye, “Would you like to meet my mother?” At my shock he laughed and Mary walked in and smiled at us.

Oh. My. Gosh!

Not one single mother is lost from his love. Not one. Not ever.

May 12, 2013
Patti Corbello Archer

Dreams & Visions by Patti Corbello Archer


Everyone has had dreams. Treasure-filled dreams as well as nightmares full of random life or fearful thoughts. Some dreams are like a creative vacation while some you wake up from just steps ahead of terror. How many times have you been so thankful that it was not real?

However, not everyone has had visions. And you certainly know it if you have had one! They are anything but random. To me it is like God leaning His forehead against mine and thinking a message into me. It swirls down into my soul to that “ponder” area where He always reveals something between Him and me. He has woken me up at night – knowing that I saw what He did.

I am always in awe of the visions. I love mysteries and suspense so acknowledging a Holy Ghost encounter is amazing. I never forget them. They are a reminder that life is not only external. I like knowing that Jesus, as the Potter, Cornerstone or Carpenter…is always adding another point to my life. I am not just a survivalist.

Kind of like Daniel. You remember Daniel, don’t you? Enslaved in the land of the enemy but favored in the courts of the foreign king. God used dreams and visions to change an empire. These days people hunger for worldly excitement but overlook the most adventurous journeys available in the spirit world.

You think super heros are just for video games? God equips men with superhuman strength. Ask Sampson who blind with bare hands collapsed an arena. Ask David who fought a giant and won. Ask a woman who buried a child and then sings in church on Sunday. Ask a soldier that rides in a wheelchair now instead of a army tank.

You fascinated with video games of the dark world and death? Jesus is the boss of that. Ask those that were in Jerusalem as the dead walked out of graves when Jesus died. Ask Lazarus when he walked out of the grave to an audience. Ask the boy who was loosed from demons after they threw him in the fire. Ask the men who carried the Ark of the Covenant and saw one die after being told not to touch it and did it anyway.

You addicted to hidden sexual satisfaction? You think the one who created you doesn’t know what you want and need? Ask the woman at the well who quit bothering to marry the men any more. Ask the preacher who was delivered from pornography. Ask the man who walked away from affairs and went home to his wife. Ask the teenager who laid it down at the alter and promised to keep himself pure as a new creature in Christ.

Jesus is for now. He can break through any barrier and move into your heart. He can loose His power in your life. And He will make your life purpose reality with His dreams and His visions. The danger in this world is that so many look externally for what can only be satisfied internally. Drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, overeating, escapism, gambling, shopping, media overload only make you forget for awhile.

Wake up my friend! Wake up! Jesus is not make believe or fiction. Determine to live your life with Him from the inside out. Don’t let your life always be like waking up from a simple dream….unreal and forgotten. Your life is to be spiritually empowered…a vision of encounters with the One who is waiting for you.

Wake up!

Patti Corbello Archer
May 5, 2013