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Create the woman, the heroine, Her

Yes, he is pursuing her from yesterday’s post. Remember his black hair and green eyes?

Well, today, I write and show you Her.

I pick her hair. *It’s long, brushing his face, platinum.

Then I wait for her eyes to open. *With breathtaking color, so light blue they are almost silver, and she watches him come to her.

She stands and only reaches his chest. *Petite, graceful, and he tilts her chin so their eyes meet.

I see her lips. *Full, pink, and moist.

Her face. *Heart-shaped, lovely, and fair.

Her nose. *Feminine and appreciative as she smells his cologne.

Her shape. *Slim and graceful like a dancer, all woman. all his.

Her hands. *Warm, sensual, with long pink fingernails that lay against his chest.

Her voice. *Musical, sweet, and smooth as she whispers, “Will you play our favorite song?”

Her heart. *Yielding. She’s all his. And Gods.

Yes. They are a beautiful couple.

A story waiting to be written.