Welcome to my website! I’m like you – a lover of Romantic Suspense!

I have been a published blog writer for over ten years. But this year, my dream came true when I published my first romantic suspense novel, Double Target, on Amazon in June 2022. Then in September 2022, Bloodline, Book One of my new series, Louisiana Secrets was published. Book two of the series will follow January 2023. Book three by May 2023.  They are already written and pending publication!

I write about great heroes – strong, protective, and delicious, while my heroines are beautiful women that survive, thrive, and rock their man’s world. You will find great passion. Suspense. Thrills. Attraction. Action. Danger. Steamy caresses and kisses. Who doesn’t like that? The stories are always filled with excitement. I like a fast pace and lots of conflict to make the romance that much sweeter…and hotter! A roller coaster ride of all of it!

As far as a rating – I label them a passionate romantic PG13.  No cursing. There will be a level of violence that relates to the story line for thrills. And you will find a measure of faith inside the main characters.

May my books give you a breathless gasp of love and romance – and entertain you with thrills. May you find wisdom between the lines. May you be touched, somehow, someway with pieces of truth that I’ve learned along the way in this journey called life. But all in all, fiction is fabulous and may you find these books better than a movie!

You can find me at the Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market on Saturdays for paperback purchases and book signings. You can find me online at Amazon for eBook and paperback purchases. Be sure to follow me here on my blog, like me on my Facebook business page, and check out my books on Amazon.

As for me personally – I am a Christian. Divorced, a mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. As for what I enjoy – I love seeing the world through my granddaughter’s eyes – with wonder and beauty. I love meditating on characters as I ride through the country, I love to relax in the pool, listen to the waves and nature. I love strawberries, a grilled ribeye steak, creamy desserts and all Cajun food. And I dream of a fabulous cabin in the mountains.

And every minute of every day, I love imagining a world where love’s beauty always reigns. Always thrills. And is always hot.

Patti Corbello Archer

October 28, 2022

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Geraldine Corbello

    Wishing you a future full of all your dreams fulfilled. I am so proud of you. You are a gift from God and a blessing to so many. I am so humbled to be your Mother. Love Always, MOM

  2. Carmen Guinn Walker

    Congratulations Patti, I can’t wait to read your new books. I’m glad you are enjoying your retirement and able to do what you love. May God continued to bless you in this journey

  3. Emily Davault

    I am excited to read your books! I love trying new authors! Congratulations on a trio of books to be published at once! Wow I am excited for you!!!


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