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Come out for a book signing❤

This Saturday March 11 – come out and get your copy of my new romantic suspense series:
Louisiana Secrets
Bloodline❤ book one
Obsession❤ book two
8 to12, at the Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market and Swap next to McDonald’s.
Great vendors! Shop local!

Patti Corbello Archer 😁

Coming Soon! Title peek…

Book two of the Louisiana Secrets Series will be out in February on Amazon. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t read Bloodline – book one – check it out!

Curl up with a book, it’s cold outside!

Patti Corbello Archer 🥰

The Perfect Gift❤


I’ll be at the Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market and Swap this Saturday Dec 3rd – next to McDonald’s – with my books!!! Romantic Suspense 🥰 10 to 2 Come check us out! Shop local❤ Merry Christmas!

Patti Corbello Archer

You make all the difference.

Thank you to God first. Then I thank you for reading my books and sharing your reviews. Written. Spoken. Texted. Messaged. Passed by word of mouth or posted online. They mattered to me. A great deal.

So, in this month of Thanksgiving, I honor you and share some opinions:

Patti Corbello Archer

November 6, 2022

I have to tell you…

Today – and I repeat today – for the first time, I walked into a business and someone said, “I want one of your books! Do I need to order it online?”

And I have to admit, for a moment I was surprised and shocked. Then I recovered and said, “Actually, I have some in the car!”

As I went to get her a Double Target paperback, I thought how much being an author is a dream come true for me – and a cool experience. I love seeing reader responses in the reviews. I love knowing that others are kicked back reading a story that provides them an exciting romantic suspense break in their daily routine.

And as an update, since others are asking, I plan to publish Book One in my Louisiana trilogy in August. And this fall, I want to have an author table in a few craft, farmer, or flea markets for book signings. I hadn’t realized some readers like a signed copy.

Have a great day and thanks to all of you. You make this an awesome journey.

Patti Corbello Archer

I did it! A manuscript is becoming a book!

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After 4 nights of going to bed at 3 a.m. and then working all day, I have loaded my manuscript onto the KDP Publishing platform through Amazon. And if you haven’t done that, it is a lot of work – but exciting work. Hence the megaphone above!

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And last night I finished my eBook cover. I still need to do the paperback cover, but hey, I am happy. I wish I could jump like the girl above!

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And today I revamped my blog and proofed all the extra pages that go in a novel. Did you hear that? I’m going to be a novelist! An author! Set off the fireworks!

Of course, I can’t tell you what the title or description of the book is yet. It’s a secret. But my goal is for it to be available to the public in June. And then, I am going to publish my Louisiana trilogy exactly the same way – one book every two or three months.

Who stacks up manuscripts, lol? I need to get all these published so I can get to work on the others waiting to be written.

I had to share the excitement – and hopefully get to bed a little earlier tonight. Yawn…

Thank you,

Patti Corbello Archer

Create the woman, the heroine, Her

Yes, he is pursuing her from yesterday’s post. Remember his black hair and green eyes?

Well, today, I write and show you Her.

I pick her hair. *It’s long, brushing his face, platinum.

Then I wait for her eyes to open. *With breathtaking color, so light blue they are almost silver, and she watches him come to her.

She stands and only reaches his chest. *Petite, graceful, and he tilts her chin so their eyes meet.

I see her lips. *Full, pink, and moist.

Her face. *Heart-shaped, lovely, and fair.

Her nose. *Feminine and appreciative as she smells his cologne.

Her shape. *Slim and graceful like a dancer, all woman. all his.

Her hands. *Warm, sensual, with long pink fingernails that lay against his chest.

Her voice. *Musical, sweet, and smooth as she whispers, “Will you play our favorite song?”

Her heart. *Yielding. She’s all his. And Gods.

Yes. They are a beautiful couple.

A story waiting to be written.

Create the man, the hero, the One

I can’t help but smile. As a writer I so love this part. Come with me.

I pick his hair. *It’s thick, and run your fingers through it, black.

Then I stare into the face until his eyes focus on me. *His gaze is deep and intense, with I can read you, green eyes.

And then I have to look up. *He’s tall, looking down, at only me.

I see his lips. *They are well-defined, masculine and parted.

His face fills my vision. *With bronze skin, high cheekbones, and a stubble beard.

His nose. *Strong and bold as he inhales my perfume.

His body. *Fills his clothes impressively, all man, all mine.

His hands. *Strong, impressive, protective, and direct, as he pulls me close.

His voice. *Deep, intimate, as he says, “I waited all day for this dance with you.”

His heart. *Pursuing. He’s all yours. And Gods.

Yes. This hero can definitely work a romance story.

Tomorrow I will show you who he is pursuing.

Write me in

I so relate to this
Not my notes, just the idea
This makes writing a joy

Choosing which imagination door you want to go in is like deciding what you want to watch on Netflix. For real.

In the last two days, I have written over 8,000 words in my fourth romantic thriller, and today is far from over. While 8,000 words might not seem like much to write for some, I can assure you that my 8,000 storyteller words are like the many strokes of an artist’s brush, as each word builds on another until the story (or picture) is done.

The most words that I have ever written in one day is 14,000 and I was whipped. I average 1,000 to 3,000 a day if I don’t have to stop for research or note organization. And there are times I write 4,000 to 8,000 a day. I have fallen asleep at my laptop, I have looked up and hours have passed. And, I have gotten up and fell across my bed and crashed.

Writing fiction takes a lot out of me, but it gives me more in return.

As for characters, stepping from the thriller to the romance in the scenes is really cool, and my favorite part. The twist of the plot is like dessert all day long. My characters come alive and that rocks.

To all you writers out there, high-five.

To all you readers out there, thank you.

A villain arises

Some nights I just want to create, to continue to write a story, to watch the characters, just like I am making my own movie. Smile. See, I don’t even have to turn on the TV.

I’ve started a fourth book. I have to write. The stories want out and I am almost ten chapters in already.

Today was research, then I took a ride to think about it, then I cooked dinner with roasted chicken, baked beans, coleslaw and creamy sliced avocado.

Now I’m ready. I open my computer and lay my hands on the keys.

It’s time for the unnamed one to slip into the story.

He has a plan.

Oh, no.

So, how wild is your imagination?

It was kind of freaky (pun intended) when I realized in the thriller portions of my books all the directions that I could take with the characters and the stories. And for me, there had to be a purpose in the madness for the villian(s), not just random. I wanted the intensity and build for my story.

And personally, I can’t do gore – wounds and battle injuries I can handle. Some pictures I don’t want in my head. However, I could weave an intriguing strategic mental torment, confrontation, and battle between the characters. Emotional. Harsh. The things that cause nightmares, especially with past memories and pain.

Nature provided me obviously a world of choices for extra tension, action, and excitement. What are characters afraid of, what is their weakness, what do they see, what do they smell, or what could bite them?

Action is my thing too. I like a mixture of movement with the characters or otherwise I will take a nap.

Then I think about the body and what it would feel during all those conflicts as it came close…and touched them.

Then I had to know my character’s probable response. Fight. Flight. Scream. Anger. Freeze. Panic.

And feel it for them.

To me, and I repeat, to me, the thriller part of my stories show what the target, or victim, can become, as well as what they are made of. Survive. Thrive. Awareness. Purpose. Victory. Warrior.

A purpose to move forward in life makes a huge difference, and ‘why’ matters in my stories.

So, each time I sat down with all this research, understanding, awareness, and plan, I was able to release my imagination and see how my story could play out. One scene at a time.

Did I mention how much I hate my villain(s)?

Isn’t that the point?

Update on Romantic Thriller Novels

Facebook post on February 13, 2022 – New Book updates📚

I have completed a three book thriller romance series. Right?!

I tried to end the story but it kept growing! Now it is told. The three books are connected, but each book stands alone.

Thank you, author, Jessica Ferguson for meeting with me yesterday for guidance on my next steps.

And to all my family and friends, I would appreciate your prayers for publishing favor.

I can’t wait for everyone to step into a tale that I love.

Thank you, God!

Patti Corbello Archer

P.S. Hugs to Gloria Jean and Dawn Corbello. Thank you with all my heart for my first book reviews.