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Welcome! I am from Louisiana. I am also a romantic suspense author on Amazon. Double Target published June 2022. Bloodline (Louisiana Secrets Series: Book One) published Sept 2022. *Book two coming in Jan 2023. *Book three coming in May 2023. I hope that you follow me! Check out my blog please - and have a great day! Patti

Come out for a book signing❤

This Saturday March 11 – come out and get your copy of my new romantic suspense series:
Louisiana Secrets
Bloodline❤ book one
Obsession❤ book two
8 to12, at the Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market and Swap next to McDonald’s.
Great vendors! Shop local!

Patti Corbello Archer 😁

Obsession- new release!

Louisiana Secrets Series: Book Two ❤

eBook and paperback available at Amazon.


Patti Corbello Archer

Coming Soon! Title peek…

Book two of the Louisiana Secrets Series will be out in February on Amazon. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t read Bloodline – book one – check it out!

Curl up with a book, it’s cold outside!

Patti Corbello Archer 🥰

The Perfect Gift❤


I’ll be at the Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market and Swap this Saturday Dec 3rd – next to McDonald’s – with my books!!! Romantic Suspense 🥰 10 to 2 Come check us out! Shop local❤ Merry Christmas!

Patti Corbello Archer

You make all the difference.

Thank you to God first. Then I thank you for reading my books and sharing your reviews. Written. Spoken. Texted. Messaged. Passed by word of mouth or posted online. They mattered to me. A great deal.

So, in this month of Thanksgiving, I honor you and share some opinions:

Patti Corbello Archer

November 6, 2022

Come on down!

Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market next to McDonald’s!

Happy Saturday…Patti

Local Louisiana Author❤

Introducing myself as an author in the Lake Charles area!

Today was a great opportunity in my hometown to introduce myself as a local romantic suspense author who publishes on Amazon. It was terrific!

Thank you Moss Bluff Farmer’s Market! Thank you Moss Bluff. I will return next week. 🤎❤

Patti Corbello Archer

*Check out my books at Amazon – paperback and eBook.

Meet the Heroine. Gabrielle.

Meet the Hero. Dakota. Astride his black stallion.

New release cover art!

Come on…you have to give me a moment here. Please!

My new book’s release today – Bloodline – well, what you don’t know is that I designed and created the book cover and advertisements too. I also did the same for the cover of my first novel, Double Target. So, no, I am not looking for graphic work lol. I just wanted to pat myself on the back for the covers.

It’s all a lot of work. The writing. The editing. The graphics. And the marketing. I’m getting there. Learning and loving it. Thanks for being patient with my excitement. It’s an amazing experience. I hope that reading the stories will be a good experience for my readers out there!

Also, for your convenience, and it kind of looks cool, I posted QR codes for both books on my blog. Or, you can search my name on Amazon.

And to close, thank you. I hope you follow me. I hope you take the time to post reviews on the books so others know if you enjoyed the story. And always, I love the personal contact from you.

Happy Friday, my friends.

Patti Corbello Archer

Romantic Suspense – New Release!

Dakota is FBI. Sexy. Native American. Undercover on the river in Lake Charles, Louisiana…watching Gabrielle. She’s beautiful. Amber eyes. Long dark hair. But she is secluded. Afraid and armed. Danger. Killers. A 200 year old secret. But Dakota is warrior on deck. She’s his.


Louisiana Secrets Series: Book One

*** eBook and paperback available on Amazon***

QR codes on side bar…

I have to tell you…

Today – and I repeat today – for the first time, I walked into a business and someone said, “I want one of your books! Do I need to order it online?”

And I have to admit, for a moment I was surprised and shocked. Then I recovered and said, “Actually, I have some in the car!”

As I went to get her a Double Target paperback, I thought how much being an author is a dream come true for me – and a cool experience. I love seeing reader responses in the reviews. I love knowing that others are kicked back reading a story that provides them an exciting romantic suspense break in their daily routine.

And as an update, since others are asking, I plan to publish Book One in my Louisiana trilogy in August. And this fall, I want to have an author table in a few craft, farmer, or flea markets for book signings. I hadn’t realized some readers like a signed copy.

Have a great day and thanks to all of you. You make this an awesome journey.

Patti Corbello Archer

Check this out on Amazon

Double Target: Steamy Romantic Suspense

My romantic suspense ebook is published! The paperback is pending. Enjoy!!!!

I did it! A manuscript is becoming a book!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

After 4 nights of going to bed at 3 a.m. and then working all day, I have loaded my manuscript onto the KDP Publishing platform through Amazon. And if you haven’t done that, it is a lot of work – but exciting work. Hence the megaphone above!

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on

And last night I finished my eBook cover. I still need to do the paperback cover, but hey, I am happy. I wish I could jump like the girl above!

Photo by DreamSky on

And today I revamped my blog and proofed all the extra pages that go in a novel. Did you hear that? I’m going to be a novelist! An author! Set off the fireworks!

Of course, I can’t tell you what the title or description of the book is yet. It’s a secret. But my goal is for it to be available to the public in June. And then, I am going to publish my Louisiana trilogy exactly the same way – one book every two or three months.

Who stacks up manuscripts, lol? I need to get all these published so I can get to work on the others waiting to be written.

I had to share the excitement – and hopefully get to bed a little earlier tonight. Yawn…

Thank you,

Patti Corbello Archer

Create the woman, the heroine, Her

Yes, he is pursuing her from yesterday’s post. Remember his black hair and green eyes?

Well, today, I write and show you Her.

I pick her hair. *It’s long, brushing his face, platinum.

Then I wait for her eyes to open. *With breathtaking color, so light blue they are almost silver, and she watches him come to her.

She stands and only reaches his chest. *Petite, graceful, and he tilts her chin so their eyes meet.

I see her lips. *Full, pink, and moist.

Her face. *Heart-shaped, lovely, and fair.

Her nose. *Feminine and appreciative as she smells his cologne.

Her shape. *Slim and graceful like a dancer, all woman. all his.

Her hands. *Warm, sensual, with long pink fingernails that lay against his chest.

Her voice. *Musical, sweet, and smooth as she whispers, “Will you play our favorite song?”

Her heart. *Yielding. She’s all his. And Gods.

Yes. They are a beautiful couple.

A story waiting to be written.

Create the man, the hero, the One

I can’t help but smile. As a writer I so love this part. Come with me.

I pick his hair. *It’s thick, and run your fingers through it, black.

Then I stare into the face until his eyes focus on me. *His gaze is deep and intense, with I can read you, green eyes.

And then I have to look up. *He’s tall, looking down, at only me.

I see his lips. *They are well-defined, masculine and parted.

His face fills my vision. *With bronze skin, high cheekbones, and a stubble beard.

His nose. *Strong and bold as he inhales my perfume.

His body. *Fills his clothes impressively, all man, all mine.

His hands. *Strong, impressive, protective, and direct, as he pulls me close.

His voice. *Deep, intimate, as he says, “I waited all day for this dance with you.”

His heart. *Pursuing. He’s all yours. And Gods.

Yes. This hero can definitely work a romance story.

Tomorrow I will show you who he is pursuing.

Write me in

I so relate to this
Not my notes, just the idea
This makes writing a joy

Choosing which imagination door you want to go in is like deciding what you want to watch on Netflix. For real.

In the last two days, I have written over 8,000 words in my fourth romantic thriller, and today is far from over. While 8,000 words might not seem like much to write for some, I can assure you that my 8,000 storyteller words are like the many strokes of an artist’s brush, as each word builds on another until the story (or picture) is done.

The most words that I have ever written in one day is 14,000 and I was whipped. I average 1,000 to 3,000 a day if I don’t have to stop for research or note organization. And there are times I write 4,000 to 8,000 a day. I have fallen asleep at my laptop, I have looked up and hours have passed. And, I have gotten up and fell across my bed and crashed.

Writing fiction takes a lot out of me, but it gives me more in return.

As for characters, stepping from the thriller to the romance in the scenes is really cool, and my favorite part. The twist of the plot is like dessert all day long. My characters come alive and that rocks.

To all you writers out there, high-five.

To all you readers out there, thank you.

A villain arises

Some nights I just want to create, to continue to write a story, to watch the characters, just like I am making my own movie. Smile. See, I don’t even have to turn on the TV.

I’ve started a fourth book. I have to write. The stories want out and I am almost ten chapters in already.

Today was research, then I took a ride to think about it, then I cooked dinner with roasted chicken, baked beans, coleslaw and creamy sliced avocado.

Now I’m ready. I open my computer and lay my hands on the keys.

It’s time for the unnamed one to slip into the story.

He has a plan.

Oh, no.

The Kiss

I was writing a wedding kiss scene in my first book, and for the life of me, I could not remember what they called a certain type of kiss that I saw in my mind. Now, don’t get me wrong, I write memorable kiss scenes that drip with attraction and intimacy. But, I needed a dramatic flair for this scene and I needed the name.

So, I googled types of kisses, and got definitions of kisses, which didn’t help me at all. I just needed the name of a kiss. Then I keyed in the search bar – fancy wedding kisses – and hoped that I would not hit some shocking website that put me on the FBI watch list. Eek.

Then immediately my computer monitor filled with fabulous pictures of couples off the Brides website. I scrolled through them and found the one for my description.

It was entitled The Dip.

Now, this is what I needed. A dip. Beautiful. Dramatic. He’s got her.

But then I had to show you the next dip picture. He is one happy man.

He wasn’t going to let her get away and he was celebrating. Smile.

But then, after I found what I needed I saw two other pictures of kisses that showed a depth of intimacy that was amazingly beautiful in a totally different way. They had the touch and the kiss. These are MY favorites and already in my books.

Sometimes a picture speaks louder than words.

Now, tell me, out of all these kisses, which one is your favorite?

So, how wild is your imagination?

It was kind of freaky (pun intended) when I realized in the thriller portions of my books all the directions that I could take with the characters and the stories. And for me, there had to be a purpose in the madness for the villian(s), not just random. I wanted the intensity and build for my story.

And personally, I can’t do gore – wounds and battle injuries I can handle. Some pictures I don’t want in my head. However, I could weave an intriguing strategic mental torment, confrontation, and battle between the characters. Emotional. Harsh. The things that cause nightmares, especially with past memories and pain.

Nature provided me obviously a world of choices for extra tension, action, and excitement. What are characters afraid of, what is their weakness, what do they see, what do they smell, or what could bite them?

Action is my thing too. I like a mixture of movement with the characters or otherwise I will take a nap.

Then I think about the body and what it would feel during all those conflicts as it came close…and touched them.

Then I had to know my character’s probable response. Fight. Flight. Scream. Anger. Freeze. Panic.

And feel it for them.

To me, and I repeat, to me, the thriller part of my stories show what the target, or victim, can become, as well as what they are made of. Survive. Thrive. Awareness. Purpose. Victory. Warrior.

A purpose to move forward in life makes a huge difference, and ‘why’ matters in my stories.

So, each time I sat down with all this research, understanding, awareness, and plan, I was able to release my imagination and see how my story could play out. One scene at a time.

Did I mention how much I hate my villain(s)?

Isn’t that the point?

Update on Romantic Thriller Novels

Facebook post on February 13, 2022 – New Book updates📚

I have completed a three book thriller romance series. Right?!

I tried to end the story but it kept growing! Now it is told. The three books are connected, but each book stands alone.

Thank you, author, Jessica Ferguson for meeting with me yesterday for guidance on my next steps.

And to all my family and friends, I would appreciate your prayers for publishing favor.

I can’t wait for everyone to step into a tale that I love.

Thank you, God!

Patti Corbello Archer

P.S. Hugs to Gloria Jean and Dawn Corbello. Thank you with all my heart for my first book reviews.

The Lamb

Live nativity dramas fill the Christmas season. I love them. I love the warmth, the holy joy and the reminder of who this is all about. And I know that I am not the only one who feels that way. I close my eyes now and say a quick prayer. Jesus fills my heart and my mind. At this very moment I can imagine Him actually enter with a crowd at an outdoor nativity play. Come, imagine with me…

He did it with no fanfare at all. Truth be told, the big fanfare to come…ah, that special coming will reveal itself another time and the whole world will see Him. But tonight, well tonight Jesus looks just like you or me. I refocus on the nativity scene and see Him inhale this offering. The celebration that began in the heavens well over 2000 years ago continues still in the hustle and bustle of this night. How it pleases Him. It is His private gift to be with His children as they remember Him.  Watch Him with me…

A sweet ache pierced His heart as He caught the arm of an old man who stumbled as he tried to calm the nativity animals. Jesus gave the man a quick hug and walked to the side of the seating area. He leaned against a tent post to watch everything. He didn’t want to miss anything at all. He chuckled at the children’s squeals and antics waiting for the drama to start. Two pre-school kings ran into His legs and made everyone laugh as they continued to barrel through the crowd – determined to play, at the play!

Jesus enjoyed the twinkling lights, the costumes, the music, and the Star of Bethlehem high above the wooden stable.  He loved it all – and He loved them.  Jesus walked up the aisle and shook hands, hugged those around Him, and greeted everyone like His family.  No one knew anything was different tonight. Old people, young people, married people, single people, church people and passersby stopped and entered the tent looking for a place to sit. Everyone was eager to watch the drama unfold. After all, everyone wanted a reminder in this busy season of what it was really all about. Christmas is so hectic, so media driven, and so commercial.

Suddenly Jesus turned and headed to the far edge of the tent where a woman was sitting by herself.  Her head was lowered so her hair shielded her face.  He came around the row and sat beside her.  No one else saw the tear overflow as she closed her eyes, but Jesus did.  He quickly reached out and caught it as it rolled off her check. He also saw the bruises she hid underneath her makeup and the wedding ring lying in the bottom of her purse. Quietly He breathed a command to His angels concerning her, to guard her in all her ways.  How He loved meeting them at the place of their need.  Then He stood and walked outside.

Behind Him the lights dimmed and the drama began. It was time for Him to go, but He wanted to visit the extra animals not needed for the play first. He knelt down to hold them.  He grinned as they all tried to get to Him. He noticed a little lamb behind the others and stepped through the herd to pick it up.  About that time He heard the angels in the play proclaim His birth. He walked to the edge of the stable door and watched as His children honored Him by laying baby Jesus in the manger.

He felt His heart sing a song that only He knew. He shifted the lamb to His left hand and raised His right hand to run it across the top of the door frame.  He wanted the world to get it. He wanted them to see that tonight wasn’t really about Him, it was for them. Christmas was simply the beginning of Easter. And it was all so that He could be with them always. As Jesus turned to walk away, He glanced back at the blood that only He could see wiped across the top of the door frame.  With a smile He leaned down and whispered to the little lamb that He held, “I was born to be you little one.  I AM the last sacrifice.”

He put the lamb down, glanced up and was gone. There on the ground by the lamb was a gift tied with a large red bow.  On the gift tag it read – All my love, Jesus.

From me to you this Christmas season, open and receive all your gifts with love.  Especially the one that Jesus gave you.

Merry Christmas,

Patti Corbello Archer

December 13, 2015


2014 Christmas thoughts…with love

I remember.  I remember you Jesus.


I don’t just look at a Christmas tree and see the twinkle of decorations.  While I love the glitter of holidays and sharing joy with family and friends, I never forget you.  How can I not fathom that you left your crown behind and stepped out of heaven and into skin to lay in a manger made of wood and straw.  You weren’t a new gift to the world.  You were the prophesied hope of the world.  You came to show us the way to love beyond skin and fleshly things.  You opened the door to your spiritual world so that one day we could lay aside our skin and join you.  But for now we celebrate Christmas…in hopes of that tomorrow.  It is unreal that we use a tree to decorate when your last crown and breath on this earth was on a tree.  But life has its peculiarities.  So for me, and for all that love you, I pray that when we look at our Christmas tree – that the top has a spiritual crown that resonates within our hearts.  A powerful reminder of the true gift and the true promise of love and a sincere Merry Christmas.

Patti Corbello Archer

December 14, 2014

My Christmas card to all of you.  Blessings…


Deep Inside by Patti Corbello Archer


Daydream. Imagine. Encourage. Hope. FAITH.

Years ago I learned what touched the core of me. You know – the place that only you have access to on the inside of you; that place where truth and reality take what is and creates what could be, in me, and if you let it, in you.

I was in my mid 30’s before I found that place.

I was in my 40’s before I opened it up…even to Jesus.

That was when He showed me how to create something inspiring out of tears. Or create maybe even from that place that is beyond tears. It reminds me of an archeologist. They know the facts and dig for what is hidden. One piece at a time. It reminds me of an explorer. They don’t want to just read about life but desire to seek beyond the horizon for what is yet unseen by their eyes.

Sitting in the swing outside this morning, my thoughts recall asking Jesus years ago how he could ever use the broken places in me to be of any value at all in the big scheme of things. Then he gave me the most wonderful answer of all. He said, “I will use the broken places in your life to create a stained glass masterpiece…and I will be the light that shines through.” I never thought that anything broken could be beautiful till then.

Therefore, I have learned to love digging for what is hidden, and seeking for what is unseen among the discarded things in my soul. Like an artist, once found, they become tools for creating messages that are meant to touch you and me.

To daydream is to dance in the wonder of hope.

To imagine is to let encouragement teach escape with love.

To have faith is to know that Jesus journeys with me…and you.

I imagine sometimes Him holding me close while I listen to his heartbeat. No requests, no petitions, just listening to the music of his heart as he breathes. Some people may not think of that.

To me, Faith is knowing that He loves me…loving Him.

Patti Corbello Archer
March 2, 2014

What’s on your key ring? by Patti Corbello Archer

keys 2

Keeping tract of victim memories keeps you locked up with them. The only real freedom a victim has… after they heal, is to forgive and throw away the key. If you keep each hurt, so-to-say each key on your key ring, it is because you intend to open that door of remembrance again. Get rid of it in Jesus’ name. Only the devil calls you there.

Patti Corbello Archer

Hold Me by Patti Corbello Archer

jesus hold

How many of you saw the movie, “The Help”? I think my 2 favorite parts of the movie were first of all when the nanny maid would pull the little girl with the long blond hair to her and say, “You are special, you are kind, you are smart…” and secondly of course, where the uppity prejudiced woman got her comeuppance. I know as Christians we are supposed to love our enemies, but I haven’t gotten a 100% on that yet lol. I think if you have ever been the underdog or victim you understand what I mean. But the part that has truly stayed in my heart is the part where someone cared enough to speak to the child’s character and spirit with gentleness and love – equipping her for a world that is kind, well, not near often enough.

I love laying my granddaughter across my lap. She looks into my face and I tell HER how wonderful, beautiful, smart, gentle, kind, precious, intelligent, creative, and on and on she is. As long as I speak she watches me, listens and absorbs every single word I use to describe her. She loves it. Then I tell her that I love every part of her from her hair to her toes, her hair, her eyes, her nose, etc. – that every part of her is worth loving – and that Jesus loves her too. And then we end it with a declaration that we love each other with our whole heart! This is a precious part of the valuable legacy that I will leave her.

I can’t help but think of that in this season of reflection. I don’t so much think of the New Year as resolutions but reflections. What worked, what didn’t, new things to accomplish, things to mark off my list, increasing my relationship with Jesus, being healthier, being more kind, smart, intelligent, gentle…etc.

That reminds me. Has anyone ever read Etiquette for Dummies? Oh my gosh, please do! I bought it years ago and pulled it out again. So many times we think getting snippy with someone, tuning someone out, road rage, or telling it like it is – is just part of being human. It is actually bad manners! Eek! I kid you not. It is amazing that we don’t think of ourselves as having bad manners. I am on Chapter 5 and ouch.

But back to the story, for my New Year thoughts I pulled out 5 books, my Bible, my Journal between me and God, a Rules of Engagement warrior prayer pamphlet, a cookbook What Would Jesus Eat, and the paperback Etiquette for Dummies.

All of these things seem to be about me, me, me but in actuality they make me better for you, you, you so that we can all see Him, Him, Him.

He continually reveals to me with every epiphany that it is always all about Him and I just get to be a part of it.

There is nothing like being held in His arms as He speaks to me, like the nanny maid did to that little girl, “You WILL have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control…”.

Patti Corbello Archer

Read my mind…please!


Most people are scared to death that God knows everything about them, inside and out. I remember when I felt that way myself. In the many years before my heart belonged to Him I rarely even thought of Him except in a judgmental category that carried a strong element of fear. I never thought that He wanted anything to do with me really since I had suffered so much early in life. It was almost like we were ignoring each other as life went by. It doesn’t mean that I was right in the way that I thought, but honestly, I figured if He wanted to connect with me that He would let me know.

Can you tell that my first thought of rejection came from my hurtful impression of God?

Then one tearful day in Dodge City, Ks when I was in my 30’s, I picked up the bible and began a journey to a different impression of Him. As time went by and I continued to read, I learned all sorts of private and intimate feelings of His. His heart was everywhere in those words. His heart reached out to me and I fell in love with Him just like that. I found subtle changes in my behavior and personality that were amazing to me and those around me in the months and years that passed. I hungered for holy and our relationship continued to grow. I started despising secrets and wanted truth to be who I was.

I stayed focused on how awesome He was. I had no problem viewing how fabulous He was. That was easy. But then one night while I was doing a Beth Moore bible study I was instructed to contemplate a spiritual expression of God’s love of me with the beautiful love story portrayed in Song of Songs.

I was not able to do it. I would read those love passages and totally freak out at the improper concept of a spiritual love affair with God. I was scared that I would be struck by lightening by just thinking He would think that I was all that. I finally got down on my knees and cried out to Him to help me – that I didn’t know how to love Him like that.

In days…and I mean days…His Holy Spirit began to manifest in my life the most glorious encounters. He romanced me. He revealed just how personal His love is and exactly what type of relationship that He wants… with each of us.

We may be limited by being humans on earth, but I promise you that Jesus is ready and unlimited for each encounter that we need with Him. For the first time in my life I realized how excited I was that He could read my mind. I was thrilled! I could just think to Him and He knew it. I had always had trouble opening up to others before because of serious trust factors in giving someone access to hurt me. So let me tell you, Him setting up home in my mind was the best gift of love ever.

I wasn’t concerned about Him having access to my secrets, fears or addictions. I was glad that He WAS seeing them with me. He brought to life the Word of God…”Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

To me, an introvert, that was the desire of my heart. I know that He thinks that I am all that to Him. He knows that I think that He is all that to me. He is the lover of my soul and the knower of all my thoughts…and I love Him for it.

To this end I write.

May you love and know Him too.

Blessings always,

Patti Corbello Archer

Don’t Take The Bait by Patti Corbello Archer


You are living your life. Most of us don’t live looking for the devil’s bite lurking behind every bush. But the truth is – he can hide in plain sight. After that thought, let me ask you, what bait can the devil use to lure you? Have you ever even thought of that?

So many saved people go to church each week, read the Word of God and work as his faithful servants without being aware of areas in their lives where the devil stalks them. He is NOT concerned about your strengths. He wants the areas that YOU have struggled, where you may be a young warrior so-to-speak or simply are not strong enough yet to take multiple direct confrontations. You can’t ever release your guard on those areas in your life. The baits may change that he uses or even the method of delivery but it will always be his focus to step through a gap around or in you… in just a moment of weakness…despair, depression or even unknown spiritual territories.

Areas where you have been delivered and healed are special areas. They are testimony areas, areas of revelation and wisdom, and many times areas of anointing. I believe that God himself literally steps into these areas in our lives to work it for his glory, hence, the anointing. The danger to us is that we take for granted his covering and get into situations that we are unable to withstand, i.e., after years maybe… alcoholics going into a bar after a divorce for just one, overeaters allowing rejection to kick off binges, drug addicts making excuses to use a little something after a rough week at work, a man turning to porno after his wife had a headache one too many times, and a woman spending way more that she should just to feel better.

Spiritual warriors have the responsibility to keep their weapons at hand and ready – beginning in the mind first. A spear does you no good if you can’t find it beyond your hobbies. A shield does you no good if it is being used as a snow board for your kids. A helmet does you no good if it is in your pile of to-do’s one day. The sword of the spirit does you no good if you don’t turn off the television.

Like many of you I have learned the power of God. However, distraction is effective with tears, or fear, or pain, or loss of a job, or a diagnosis, or a wound…for everyone. Faking it till you make it only gets you so far. Walking out of church after a feel good message doesn’t help if you can’t fight the good fight on your own. The pastor doesn’t go home with us. And even he is just a man that God uses.

Jesus gave us what we need to live this life. And he keeps our tears through the parts that are hard. Like all warriors, if you stumble, fall or get wounded – get up, brush your knees off, get medical treatment, heal and get back on the battle field. And if your battlefield becomes a sickbed or something else challenging, God has flexible battle plans! The battle between good and evil will never stop. The battlefields may change because of age, location, or people…but destiny continues.

Jesus will always use us for his glory. That is what we were born for. He knows our seasons past and our seasons to come, but most importantly, he knows the season we are in.

I come to this awareness after spitting out a lure myself. God is good.

I believe our call each day is just to love and surrender to him…for his purpose in us and in others. That alone changes us and the world around us.

That makes the light of his face shine upon us.

Blessings always,
Patti Corbello Archer
Sept 7, 2013

Moonlight Magic by Patti Corbello Archer


Dusk tonight was so tranquil I thought as I drove south. There was not a lot of traffic to disturb my view. The sun was no longer visible but left a fantail of purple, pink and blue in its wake above the countryside. It was such a brief glimpse of God’s palette of color. Then I saw it, one single star hanging in the sky. It had been so long since I had taken the time to pause and watch the night arrive. My mind began to recall a saying from childhood, “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight – I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” I couldn’t help but smile. I was about to get my wish.

I had a love song playing on the radio and began to hum along. I tilted down the review mirror to check my makeup before the light totally faded to black. After a quick pinch to my cheek I went back to driving. I had an appointment tonight – an appointment that was long overdue. Living this thing we call life is busy. It is also filled with lots of interruptions that all too easily keep us from the truly valuable things that we should set aside for more heart time.

Well, tonight was my date night and I was determined not to be late. He picked the place. I picked the time. I was so excited to get ready for him. It is too easy in a relationship to forget the spark and take advantage of the love. My heart was beating in tempo to the music and I have to admit I was a bit nervous even though I was confident of his love.

We had an intense talk today so I know the passionate message that will be in his eyes when he sees me. I know what he believes and what he wants. He knows everything about me – truly. There are no secrets between us.

In fact, tonight I am wearing one of his favorite colors – shimmering indigo blue. My dress has one-shoulder and is made of the softest linen I could find. Seven layers of ruffles flutter all the way down the skirt till finally it wisps about the top of my bare feet. My sandals are on the floorboard in the backseat, but if I know him, and I do, then I won’t need those shoes.

I left my hair soft, not filled with lots of spray and gels and my makeup is…just for him. My lips are red, my cheeks are pink, my eyes are lined and my perfume is one that he always inhales. Isn’t that the beauty of love? Doing the personal things that say, “I love you” without the words?

Life has taught me many things. Many of those things I love. And the ones I didn’t left their scars. But I have to say that nights like these, make those scars matter less and less. Every time we meet, he teaches me how to love deeper. He dares me to take wild steps with my eyes closed. He is the one that talks love in more ways than I can even imagine. I respond to him. I fly with him. He is the one that makes me feel beautiful. He is the one that makes me feel loved. No other man has ever made me believe it.

I heard my phone sound a text message. I picked it up and saw, “I am watching for you.” My heart jumped. I saw the beach ahead and pulled off the road onto the sand and parked. I picked up my phone and text’d back, “I am here.”

I got out of my Jeep and stood in the sand, feeling the magic. I shut the door and saw him waiting for me by the water. The ocean waves were making the richest musical sound. The wind twirled my skirt. I began to walk towards him. The only light was the moonlight. No one else was on the beach. I saw his long shirt and pants being pulled by the wind. I saw his bare feet just inches from the water. His cologne reached me and I closed my eyes, loving his scent. I watched his breath inhale deeply as my perfume reached him. He ran his hand through his hair and smiled. He reached me first and spun me around. We laughed together.

Holding hands we walked along the beach loving the time together. We talked about what was on his mind. We talked about what was on mine. We sat in the sand. We walked in the waters edge. We laughed. We shared. After awhile, he stopped and faced me. His right hand took mine and slowly he twirled me around. I melted at the look of love burning in his eyes. He saw my response and said, “May I have this dance?” I stepped forward and leaned my cheek on his chest. I said, “Yes, Jesus, yes.” And he led me to his dance floor.


Each person’s relationship with the Lord is different. I constantly need his presence to remind me to let him lead. Many things cause us to hold tight to our perception and direction in life. But I keep reminding myself that only when my eyes are closed and he is leading will I go on the right journeys.

Jesus is the best dancer, ever.

Patti Corbello Archer
July 20, 2013

Let’s go Ziplining! by Patti Corbello Archer


Helmet – check
Harness – check
Double harness – check
Gloves – check
10,000 lb cable – check
Trust in Jesus – check
Sense of humor – check

At almost 55 years old it amazes me that I would be willing to Zipline. Now it doesn’t mean that I would zipline over something that scares me, like say, a cave of bats, a million bees, a volcano, a forest fire, or Indiana Jones’ cave of snakes; but I would love to zipline over something amazing and gorgeous.

My life has been a series of ziplining anyway. While it may not have been on an actual cable, it has been adventure and risk nonetheless. I look at some people I know and their lives seem to have been such a steady, even keel pattern; i.e., same spouse, same friends, same haircut, same house, same job, same church, and same routines. It doesn’t mean life doesn’t throw them a curve with money, health, or age, but in general, yesterday’s face will be recognizable in tomorrow’s face for many of them.

I can’t say that for me in a kazillion ways. While my joy and grateful heart in “steady” is in the face of my son, his growing family, my family, and my God, there has been a whole lot of change, adventure, hardship and kaleidoscope seasons for me as a woman.

I think that I have been every physical size known to females – except a few. And some of them I forbid to release under the fluorescent light of a dressing room lol. I have had various colored hair and actually auburn is my favorite – but age seems to prefer silver. I have woken up to 2 different faces as husbands and the thought of a 3rd gives me a real eccentric sense of humor.

I have been Church of God, Catholic, Baptist, and Non-denominational with a strong seasoning of Pentecostal. I am really glad that I have now received just Jesus’ definition of faith.

My favorite food is everything from drive thru, to leftovers, to sandwiches, to fried, and to healthy food. I will eat it all – hungry or not. I reject that spirit of appetite!

Working through the years has been a conglomeration of developed skills. I have handled money, prescriptions, hospital patients, insurance clients, angry vehicle customers, the sick, the grieving and the hurt in ministry, as well as emergency calls as a deputy in dispatch and the inventory and policy police in my current position. Through it all I have handled the phone, the phone and the phone lol.

I don’t like to gamble with money but I guess that doesn’t mean I don’t mind gambling with my health since I have standing appointments in all fast food drive-thru’s. I have more dates with my doctor now but I am about to change that! I don’t trust men easily. I guess with rape, divorce 1, divorce 2, pastoral abuse, and social media make believe relationships, that is certainly understandable. I guess when I get out of the shower and stand looking in the bathroom mirror I should just continue to be grateful that I still retain treasure troves full of love, faith, a sense of humor and an ability to begin new seasons.

I miss wearing good looking tight jeans, high heels, never tiring energy and having a man hold me in his arms and dance… but I love my time to write, my journeys with Jesus in inspirational creativity, holidays and watching my granddaughter grab the world with everything she has got.

I might not have experienced everything wonderful but I have experienced life. And it isn’t over…it is just a new season…

Jesus helps me buckle into the zipline harness and puts my helmet on me. I pull my gloves up and laugh. I ask Him if He is sure the cable is strong enough to hold me. He yanks my hair sticking out from under my helmet and says, “Come on, I’ll beat you to the other side!” A Rocky Mountain valley and 3 lakes litter the ground below us as we took off.


Patti Corbello Archer
June 1, 2013

Oh. My. Gosh! by Patti Corbello Archer


In the spirit I entered through the temple doorway and saw Jesus leaned against a massive column at the edge of heaven’s balcony. I walked across the floor towards him. He lifted his right arm as I neared him and he pulled me against him. We both looked out across the world. We stood quietly for a moment and then He leaned down and kissed the top of my head. He said, “Happy Mother’s Day.” Tears choked me up and I was unable to speak for a moment. He just squeezed me. Then he pointed out across the world and said, “Watch with me.”

We leaned out and you could see the world displayed like a life canopy. People, their hearts, and their relationships were readily shared for Jesus to see. He began to reach for them. I could hardly speak at the love radiating around us as he arose into their lives to touch them.

I saw him send the wind to embrace each person of all ages as they knelt to put flowers at their mother’s grave – from the toddlers to the elderly with canes or walkers – Jesus was there with them as they remembered those gone. Jesus collected all their tears.

I heard him whisper to the hearts of the young mothers as they chased, washed, clothed, fed, missed sleep, gave medicine, worked multiple jobs and rocked their young loves. As he whispered to each mommy a little red heart danced from his heart to theirs.

I felt him reach to strengthen and empower the mothers of teenagers – as he shifted their burdens, worries, and tears upon his shoulders. He smiled at the relief on their face and their joy at the quick hug of a teenager on the run.

All of a sudden I saw him send rainbows of angels with jewels to the mothers of those with sick children. Whether the child was a baby or grown, in a wheelchair, in the hospital, in hospice, back at home or in a coma – the jewels were sent as a preliminary gift for their crown.

I think I was in awe the whole time. Not one mother was missed. Not one. Not even the ones whose children were missing. Jesus kissed the face of each child for each of those mothers. He knows where their children are and he will never leave them.

He didn’t forget the special mothers either. You know, the women who can’t give birth or adopt. I watched Jesus water the seeds that he trusted those moms with in the lives of children around them. Those mother’s hearts are blessed by God.

Oh what a beautiful morning. I cried for each mother. I smiled for each kiss he gave them. I thanked him for my mother and my family. How glorious is Jesus…

I lifted up my head to look at him as he reached the last mother on Earth. I opened my mouth to talk to him and he covered my mouth with his hand. He said with a twinkle in his eye, “Would you like to meet my mother?” At my shock he laughed and Mary walked in and smiled at us.

Oh. My. Gosh!

Not one single mother is lost from his love. Not one. Not ever.

May 12, 2013
Patti Corbello Archer

Dreams & Visions by Patti Corbello Archer


Everyone has had dreams. Treasure-filled dreams as well as nightmares full of random life or fearful thoughts. Some dreams are like a creative vacation while some you wake up from just steps ahead of terror. How many times have you been so thankful that it was not real?

However, not everyone has had visions. And you certainly know it if you have had one! They are anything but random. To me it is like God leaning His forehead against mine and thinking a message into me. It swirls down into my soul to that “ponder” area where He always reveals something between Him and me. He has woken me up at night – knowing that I saw what He did.

I am always in awe of the visions. I love mysteries and suspense so acknowledging a Holy Ghost encounter is amazing. I never forget them. They are a reminder that life is not only external. I like knowing that Jesus, as the Potter, Cornerstone or Carpenter…is always adding another point to my life. I am not just a survivalist.

Kind of like Daniel. You remember Daniel, don’t you? Enslaved in the land of the enemy but favored in the courts of the foreign king. God used dreams and visions to change an empire. These days people hunger for worldly excitement but overlook the most adventurous journeys available in the spirit world.

You think super heros are just for video games? God equips men with superhuman strength. Ask Sampson who blind with bare hands collapsed an arena. Ask David who fought a giant and won. Ask a woman who buried a child and then sings in church on Sunday. Ask a soldier that rides in a wheelchair now instead of a army tank.

You fascinated with video games of the dark world and death? Jesus is the boss of that. Ask those that were in Jerusalem as the dead walked out of graves when Jesus died. Ask Lazarus when he walked out of the grave to an audience. Ask the boy who was loosed from demons after they threw him in the fire. Ask the men who carried the Ark of the Covenant and saw one die after being told not to touch it and did it anyway.

You addicted to hidden sexual satisfaction? You think the one who created you doesn’t know what you want and need? Ask the woman at the well who quit bothering to marry the men any more. Ask the preacher who was delivered from pornography. Ask the man who walked away from affairs and went home to his wife. Ask the teenager who laid it down at the alter and promised to keep himself pure as a new creature in Christ.

Jesus is for now. He can break through any barrier and move into your heart. He can loose His power in your life. And He will make your life purpose reality with His dreams and His visions. The danger in this world is that so many look externally for what can only be satisfied internally. Drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, overeating, escapism, gambling, shopping, media overload only make you forget for awhile.

Wake up my friend! Wake up! Jesus is not make believe or fiction. Determine to live your life with Him from the inside out. Don’t let your life always be like waking up from a simple dream….unreal and forgotten. Your life is to be spiritually empowered…a vision of encounters with the One who is waiting for you.

Wake up!

Patti Corbello Archer
May 5, 2013

Being real…really? by Patti Corbello Archer


I think back through the years and my knees get weak. I can’t imagine what my life would be if my definition of Christianity was anything other than giving Jesus total access to my body, soul and spirit. Some of you might think that seems like such a “churchy” thing to say. But in reality, if you don’t lay your literal body with all its drives, your soul with all its feelings and thoughts, and your spirit with all its needs before his throne…each of those parts will begin to win life’s battles and kidnap your life.

The night I surrendered to him, my world changed. Maybe not in the blink of an eye so-to-speak, but as life bombarded me I felt his presence inside of me…and he gave me a boldness and power to dare to make choices based on who I was born to be instead of who life tried to make me.

The treasure I found when I surrendered is that truly there was no cost but a gift. I don’t think people realize that he gives back to us what we give to him. The surrender to him is the door where he finally can surrender us… his body, soul and spirit. That is where we intertwine with him. That is how we are holy. That is how we are equipped to do greater things than he did. That is how we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

I love the fact that he reads my mind and it amazes me when others think they can keep secrets from him. Peace is in being free from hiding. Who wants to be stalked by fear all their days? Freedom is in entering his powerful classroom and finding out how to use him to be delivered from us.

No person, rich or poor, no teacher, no pastor, no leader, or no government makes it to the pinnacle of NOT needing him. We are all made of flesh and will need our flesh delivered till the day his white horse comes.

So once you come to the cross, let your personal view of yourself change. The day I realized just how much he desired me was the day I felt his value for me for the first time. Then I dove into access to him, his thoughts in his Word, his feelings, his wounds, his passions, his power, his holiness, and his impatience for waiting for us and for the day of Jerusalem to come. I saw his gift for what it was…intimacy…honesty…and love.

With Jesus, we first hugged and met at the base of the cross, but the journey since then has been reality. I don’t have to put on my church face to be with him or be anything other than who he already knows I am.

He applauds my journey. He doctors my wounds. He teaches me new lessons. He swings with me when I am lonely. He protects me when I am afraid. He opens the windows of heaven to keep my wallet from running empty. He always pursues me and will never leave me nor forsake me. And he always keeps me wanting more.

There is no limit to who he can be with me…or you.

Total access.
Real love.

April 7, 2013
Patti Corbello Archer