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Read my mind…please!


Most people are scared to death that God knows everything about them, inside and out. I remember when I felt that way myself. In the many years before my heart belonged to Him I rarely even thought of Him except in a judgmental category that carried a strong element of fear. I never thought that He wanted anything to do with me really since I had suffered so much early in life. It was almost like we were ignoring each other as life went by. It doesn’t mean that I was right in the way that I thought, but honestly, I figured if He wanted to connect with me that He would let me know.

Can you tell that my first thought of rejection came from my hurtful impression of God?

Then one tearful day in Dodge City, Ks when I was in my 30’s, I picked up the bible and began a journey to a different impression of Him. As time went by and I continued to read, I learned all sorts of private and intimate feelings of His. His heart was everywhere in those words. His heart reached out to me and I fell in love with Him just like that. I found subtle changes in my behavior and personality that were amazing to me and those around me in the months and years that passed. I hungered for holy and our relationship continued to grow. I started despising secrets and wanted truth to be who I was.

I stayed focused on how awesome He was. I had no problem viewing how fabulous He was. That was easy. But then one night while I was doing a Beth Moore bible study I was instructed to contemplate a spiritual expression of God’s love of me with the beautiful love story portrayed in Song of Songs.

I was not able to do it. I would read those love passages and totally freak out at the improper concept of a spiritual love affair with God. I was scared that I would be struck by lightening by just thinking He would think that I was all that. I finally got down on my knees and cried out to Him to help me – that I didn’t know how to love Him like that.

In days…and I mean days…His Holy Spirit began to manifest in my life the most glorious encounters. He romanced me. He revealed just how personal His love is and exactly what type of relationship that He wants… with each of us.

We may be limited by being humans on earth, but I promise you that Jesus is ready and unlimited for each encounter that we need with Him. For the first time in my life I realized how excited I was that He could read my mind. I was thrilled! I could just think to Him and He knew it. I had always had trouble opening up to others before because of serious trust factors in giving someone access to hurt me. So let me tell you, Him setting up home in my mind was the best gift of love ever.

I wasn’t concerned about Him having access to my secrets, fears or addictions. I was glad that He WAS seeing them with me. He brought to life the Word of God…”Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

To me, an introvert, that was the desire of my heart. I know that He thinks that I am all that to Him. He knows that I think that He is all that to me. He is the lover of my soul and the knower of all my thoughts…and I love Him for it.

To this end I write.

May you love and know Him too.

Blessings always,

Patti Corbello Archer

Don’t Take The Bait by Patti Corbello Archer


You are living your life. Most of us don’t live looking for the devil’s bite lurking behind every bush. But the truth is – he can hide in plain sight. After that thought, let me ask you, what bait can the devil use to lure you? Have you ever even thought of that?

So many saved people go to church each week, read the Word of God and work as his faithful servants without being aware of areas in their lives where the devil stalks them. He is NOT concerned about your strengths. He wants the areas that YOU have struggled, where you may be a young warrior so-to-speak or simply are not strong enough yet to take multiple direct confrontations. You can’t ever release your guard on those areas in your life. The baits may change that he uses or even the method of delivery but it will always be his focus to step through a gap around or in you… in just a moment of weakness…despair, depression or even unknown spiritual territories.

Areas where you have been delivered and healed are special areas. They are testimony areas, areas of revelation and wisdom, and many times areas of anointing. I believe that God himself literally steps into these areas in our lives to work it for his glory, hence, the anointing. The danger to us is that we take for granted his covering and get into situations that we are unable to withstand, i.e., after years maybe… alcoholics going into a bar after a divorce for just one, overeaters allowing rejection to kick off binges, drug addicts making excuses to use a little something after a rough week at work, a man turning to porno after his wife had a headache one too many times, and a woman spending way more that she should just to feel better.

Spiritual warriors have the responsibility to keep their weapons at hand and ready – beginning in the mind first. A spear does you no good if you can’t find it beyond your hobbies. A shield does you no good if it is being used as a snow board for your kids. A helmet does you no good if it is in your pile of to-do’s one day. The sword of the spirit does you no good if you don’t turn off the television.

Like many of you I have learned the power of God. However, distraction is effective with tears, or fear, or pain, or loss of a job, or a diagnosis, or a wound…for everyone. Faking it till you make it only gets you so far. Walking out of church after a feel good message doesn’t help if you can’t fight the good fight on your own. The pastor doesn’t go home with us. And even he is just a man that God uses.

Jesus gave us what we need to live this life. And he keeps our tears through the parts that are hard. Like all warriors, if you stumble, fall or get wounded – get up, brush your knees off, get medical treatment, heal and get back on the battle field. And if your battlefield becomes a sickbed or something else challenging, God has flexible battle plans! The battle between good and evil will never stop. The battlefields may change because of age, location, or people…but destiny continues.

Jesus will always use us for his glory. That is what we were born for. He knows our seasons past and our seasons to come, but most importantly, he knows the season we are in.

I come to this awareness after spitting out a lure myself. God is good.

I believe our call each day is just to love and surrender to him…for his purpose in us and in others. That alone changes us and the world around us.

That makes the light of his face shine upon us.

Blessings always,
Patti Corbello Archer
Sept 7, 2013