HIS Upper Chambers…….Part 3 of 3

Laughing, I follow Jesus as He leads me past where the grass rug ends to where the Jerusalem pebble floor meets the edge of the pool.  Both of us step down knee deep into the water and just watch the waterfall fill and swirl in the pool as waves gently lap against us.  Peace like a river is the thought that runs through my mind.  Then all of a sudden, He splashes me, laughing at my gasp!  As we enjoy the water we decide to swim out into the middle of the pool where large boulders form a small private island covered with a soft green moss.  Jesus and I climb up and sit there, legs dangling in the pool – just talking.

Jesus said, “Do you remember the night you asked for a special baptism because I revealed to you that your victimization mindset had developed a prejudice against men?”  I reached out and put my hand in His and said, “I certainly do – I will never forget that baptism and how our relationship changed after that night.”  He said, “I watched you in the dressing room stand in front of the full length mirror in your white baptismal gown just staring at yourself.  Then I watched you let your long hair down, take off your big loop errings and take a tissue and wipe off every bit of your red lipstick. Do you have any idea how beautiful you were to me…just like that?”

I swallowed hard and leaned my head against His shoulder.  He continued, “You chose to surrender for forgiveness instead of staying bound by a mindset that would have kept you from getting closer to me.”   I said, “I trusted you, Jesus…and all I knew to do was go to you to wash it from me.”

I slid off the rock down into the water by His feet and continued, “I waited for you in the baptismal pool…I knew you would touch me in some way that night…I just didn’t know how.”   He slid off the rock and into the water with me and said, “I was in there with you…and as you went under the water that night, I was there under the water with you in that baptismal pool – cleansing you and receiving your public declaration for me  – and my heart set you free…to love me more…and others too.  This waterfall pool that we swim in here today is my baptismal pool…the one where I swim with each one of you that is baptized in my name.  When you go under the baptismal waters on earth …these are the waters you are in… with me.”

Then Jesus took me by the hand and we dove down in the deep – swimming towards the edge of the pool.  Once we reached land all we had to do was step out of the pool and we were instantly dry.  He said, “Come, let us sit awhile…” and we walked to His temple seating area.  He sat on one of the large cushions and I sat at His feet, leaning against His knees just looking at Him.  He smiled softly and said, “Go ahead, say it…” and touched me softly on my check.  I swallowed hard and said, “Help me, Jesus, be more you than me…”  He said, “I thought you would never ask.”  He reached out and put a hand on each side of my head and pulled me closer to Him as He leaned His forehead to lay it against mine and said, “You have the mind of Christ and DO HOLD to the thoughts, feelings and purposes of MY heart.”

Receiving deeply I spoke it with Him as He said it again into my mind and spirit.  “O Jesus,” I said, “I absolutely need you to speak yourself alive in me.  Now that I know you personally, even reading your Word fills me with you as I hear and envision you speaking the Word on the pages INTO me. “  I saw Him swallow hard and pause for a long moment watching me.  “Do you have any idea how I long for that, precious one?  To actually be heard and received as I continue to share myself on those pages?”

Looking off into the distance, He said, “So many times the Word is never even realized as Me…and yet I have shared so much…paid so much…yearned so much. Rejection is never easy, sweet one, no matter which side of heaven you are on.  Very few realize that my desire too is to be chosen to be loved.”

Sitting there for awhile we said nothing…just rested with each other in our relationship…and trusted in a love that spanned the heavens.  After several moments, He reached out and tore off a hunk of bread on the low table beside Him, gave one to me, and took one for Himself.  Then He reached for the goblets, took one for Him and gave me one also.  We ate silently…remembering another supper…

Putting the goblets down, He stood and said, “I want to show you something.”  He helped me up and we walked to the window seats looking out across everything…heavens and earth alike.  As He sat on the edge, He looked out and His eyes saw everything before Him.  I watched Him watch all of you and it was life changing.  I watched a tear fall from Him as a tear fell from you.  I watched Him throw back His head and laugh as He watched you laugh.  I watched Him say, “NO!” as He watched you choose a painful journey.  I watched Him grab His heart as you called His name.  Watching Him love you was beautiful…and a wonderful way to close this story.

Our lives are not filled with games of chance or specks on a microscope.  Our lives are connected to the one who STILL breathes for you.  I know…because I watched Him.

Heaven is as close as a heartbeat.  Just listen…

Thank you – I pray that you were blessed.  This is so much more than a story…my sharing is part creation…is part prophecy…but it is all inspiration because it is all Him.

God bless you,

Patti Corbello Archer

September 27, 2011

Part 3 of 3……..His Upper Chambers

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