I have to tell you…

Today – and I repeat today – for the first time, I walked into a business and someone said, “I want one of your books! Do I need to order it online?”

And I have to admit, for a moment I was surprised and shocked. Then I recovered and said, “Actually, I have some in the car!”

As I went to get her a Double Target paperback, I thought how much being an author is a dream come true for me – and a cool experience. I love seeing reader responses in the reviews. I love knowing that others are kicked back reading a story that provides them an exciting romantic suspense break in their daily routine.

And as an update, since others are asking, I plan to publish Book One in my Louisiana trilogy in August. And this fall, I want to have an author table in a few craft, farmer, or flea markets for book signings. I hadn’t realized some readers like a signed copy.

Have a great day and thanks to all of you. You make this an awesome journey.

Patti Corbello Archer

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