Being real…really? by Patti Corbello Archer


I think back through the years and my knees get weak. I can’t imagine what my life would be if my definition of Christianity was anything other than giving Jesus total access to my body, soul and spirit. Some of you might think that seems like such a “churchy” thing to say. But in reality, if you don’t lay your literal body with all its drives, your soul with all its feelings and thoughts, and your spirit with all its needs before his throne…each of those parts will begin to win life’s battles and kidnap your life.

The night I surrendered to him, my world changed. Maybe not in the blink of an eye so-to-speak, but as life bombarded me I felt his presence inside of me…and he gave me a boldness and power to dare to make choices based on who I was born to be instead of who life tried to make me.

The treasure I found when I surrendered is that truly there was no cost but a gift. I don’t think people realize that he gives back to us what we give to him. The surrender to him is the door where he finally can surrender us… his body, soul and spirit. That is where we intertwine with him. That is how we are holy. That is how we are equipped to do greater things than he did. That is how we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

I love the fact that he reads my mind and it amazes me when others think they can keep secrets from him. Peace is in being free from hiding. Who wants to be stalked by fear all their days? Freedom is in entering his powerful classroom and finding out how to use him to be delivered from us.

No person, rich or poor, no teacher, no pastor, no leader, or no government makes it to the pinnacle of NOT needing him. We are all made of flesh and will need our flesh delivered till the day his white horse comes.

So once you come to the cross, let your personal view of yourself change. The day I realized just how much he desired me was the day I felt his value for me for the first time. Then I dove into access to him, his thoughts in his Word, his feelings, his wounds, his passions, his power, his holiness, and his impatience for waiting for us and for the day of Jerusalem to come. I saw his gift for what it was…intimacy…honesty…and love.

With Jesus, we first hugged and met at the base of the cross, but the journey since then has been reality. I don’t have to put on my church face to be with him or be anything other than who he already knows I am.

He applauds my journey. He doctors my wounds. He teaches me new lessons. He swings with me when I am lonely. He protects me when I am afraid. He opens the windows of heaven to keep my wallet from running empty. He always pursues me and will never leave me nor forsake me. And he always keeps me wanting more.

There is no limit to who he can be with me…or you.

Total access.
Real love.

April 7, 2013
Patti Corbello Archer

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