Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The mystery of the mirror has baffled me all my life.  How about you?  I remember looking into it when I was a kid just to make sure I was clean and ready to go play.  As I grew into a teenager I spent more time in front of the mirror to make sure I looked…well, my best …because that would affect how I felt.  Do you get me?   For me, the mirror was a reflection of what I wanted you and me – to see in me.   I was never really one to look at myself all day long.  I would just, LOL, create in the morning…and pray it lasted all day!

Through the years, my body has been heavy, average and thin.  I noticed that I was always treated differently when I was smaller.  I hated knowing that about people.  But, in all honestly,  I always felt and treated myself differently when I was smaller.   I think I hate that about myself too. 

My favorite times to look in the mirror are when I can get into the Cinderella mode.  For real.  I love before and afters.  To go from carefree ponytails and no makeup to eyeliner, jewels and the best that I can be.  I feel comfortable in ponytails and no makeup but it is not near as cute at 54, LOL.  I think Prince Charming hides when I look like that, (giggle).  But, really, I love the way that I feel when I am dressed up.

But as the years go by I hide more from the mirror I think.  Or, it matters to me less.  I see more gray peeking out and wrinkles moving in.  LOL, at least I can see IF I have my contacts in or use my magnifying mirror!! 

Or maybe I just enjoy comfort these days.  Yes, that too.  Some people think of a sweating activity vacation.  I think of floating on a raft in a pool.  Some people think of zipping around and filling all their hours with MUCH acitivity.  I think of swinging in the breeze or sitting by the water. 

I guess through the years (with Jesus) my values have changed just like what I see in the mirror has changed.  And it is all good.  I can always be Cinderella as long as there is a mirror, lipstick and jewels.    And who knows, Prince Charming might prefer ponytails and no makeup, LOL.

Patti Corbello Archer


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