A Covering…a Safe Place



Do you remember climbing trees when you were a kid?  Oh, surely you do!  I can remember climbing many trees…none of them were safe in our neighborhood from our adventurous scrambling up their branches. 

Especially me!  I remember climbing up the rough branches to see far and wide.  I remember climbing to win.  I remember climbing to discover and explore the woods and world around me.   I remember climbing to be safe from who was after me since we were always playing chase or hide-n-go-seek with someone!  I remember being scared because I was too far up the tree and then scared to go down the tree.   One day when we had company from out of town, us kids were climbing trees in our back yard.  In the really, really, fast blink of an eye I remember falling out of the top of a willow tree.  I landed flat on my back…winded.  I was unable to talk for awhile and just laid there and blinked and gasped like a fish out of water.  It was so hard to look cool in front of my cousins as I wheezed there on the ground!  I can’t help but smile since I, of course, am older and able to see the humor in it now.

I also see that in living out in the country – these massive live oak trees remind me of the adventure as a kid as well as the covering they now provide to those of us living under them.  I think of the power in the Word of God where God said in Isaiah 61…you will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.  I think of the depth of the roots in the ground…and remind myself that His Word is deep within me and no storm can change my faith. 

Just yesterday I was out riding my Dad’s 4-wheeler .  A neighbor’s horses were grazing on one side.  Another neighbor’s cows were grazing on the other side.  The crickets were chirping.  The birds were singing.  And the wind was drifting through the branches of the live oak trees over me.

I had brought my camera with me and snapped several pictures of the trees.  I guess I am just drawn to them at this moment in my life.  Things have been really hard.  It doesn’t mean that I am not blessed…you can be grateful but it still be hard.  I have had some personal changes recently because in January I resigned from my job…and was diagnosed with a serious medical condition…almost on the same day!  Talk about winds of change.  My health is almost back to normal now, thank you, Jesus and I love being in the country with my family.  But emotionally, sometimes  I find myself remembering how it was to climb a tree.   Maybe to hide again…like I did as a child?  I think so.  For real.  Not because I don’t trust the One who made the tree.  I do trust Him.  Not because I don’t feel rooted in His Word.  I know that I am.  But, being real right now…I truly need the rest.  I need to just lean back against Him and hear His whisper.  I could just sit in a swing hanging out of those massive branches and just ride the wind with Him….over and over again.

But seasons change… and spring will turn to summer, and summer will turn to fall.  Restoration is His promise…again in Isaiah 61, as well as beauty for ashes.   Smile.  I know that He will reveal His new plans for me…and new adventures!

Hiding in Him is a good thing.  Hiding from the world He loves is another.  THAT my friends, is real.  He pours in us…that we pour on others.  Holy fountains are what we are….how beautiful is that? 

In closing, I see the live oak branches hanging over my window as I write this.  What a beautiful reminder of Him…in this season.  And you my friend, I pray that you see His covering over you, in your season.

Patti Corbello Archer

April 1, 2012

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