Weapons and Strategy – Story 5 of 6

Get out the camo!!!  Do you have a spiritual weapon’s locker?  I can certainly remember a time when I would have said, “What in the world do you mean?”  But today I know that I have one – a big one!  Come on…I will show you some of what is in my locker…my arsenal…and why.  I have collected powerful spiritual weapons throughout my years as a Christian…the trophies of victories past, the memories and wisdom learned in skirmishes that I lost, the maps and charts of strategies to protect my territories, as well as treasure maps of what I am believing for. If you don’t have a weapon’s locker ready and waiting for you, I bet you will think about it after my story.  Let the war talk begin…

The greatest warrior of all is Jesus and I love that He is coming back for me (and you) one day on His white horse.  One day the skies will roll back and He will be there in all His glory with a name written on His robe and on His thigh…King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He will be vibrant with power and visual to all the inhabitants of the earth.  In fact, His Word says, “…before Him every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess.”  Glory!  I want to see His Kingdom come!!!  But until that day, our King has left us with His authority NOW to put on His armor and fight the good fight.

My personal memorized prayer from Ephesians 6 is stated as,“…stand strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, put on the belt of truth firmly buckled around your waist, put on the breastplate of righteousness.  Let your feet be fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace.  Take up the shield of faith with which to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God and pray in the spirit and on all occasions and for all the saints.”

Now with all that said how many of you realize that as Christians we are to be spiritual warriors – ready to grab weapons and go for the win?  I know it seems like a farfetched subject but war isn’t something you can do without preparation.  Don’t all soldiers and law enforcement train for battle strategies?  Don’t they keep their weapons loaded as well as know how to use their artillery in ALL situations?  Don’t they have strategies and plans for various types of war?  Don’t they know which areas around them need to be targeted and then, delay not if lives are at stake, including theirs!  A warrior must have armor and weapons.  But a warrior MUST know first and foremost how to use them!  I learned that personally.

Once I was filled with the Holy Ghost and realized the value of covering, many, many times I anointed myself and prayed on the armor of God with Ephesians 6, to verbally remind myself who I was as well as to proclaim to the spirit world that I was armed and ready.  THAT was certainly a learning process.  I can recall a particularly painful experience one day at work where I was reprimanded for a boss’ error.  I was angry that I was taken advantage of and had no authority to expose the false accusation.  I remember going home and calling out to God, asking Him what that was all about.  I stomped around in my apartment upset and offended about the experience and giving voice to my argument because I had been wearing the armor of God.  I will never forget the response God gave me immediately in my spirit.  To this day, it is as real as it was then.

I heard in my spirit, “Just because you put on the armor doesn’t mean you know how to use it.  You are holding the shield of faith…but standing there with it hanging down at your side is not effective defense. Unless you lift it up to shield the enemy’s arrows, the arrow will hit its mark in you because you aren’t prepared.  For most attacks the enemy will aim for your weak areas…so KEEP your shield in place to protect your areas.  A warrior never leaves a weak area exposed and unprotected.”

I have to tell you, His response took my breath away.  It truly never occurred to me that I had to do anything with the armor other than put it on and know what it was.  I had a lot to learn.  The Word of God is an application in our lives.  So again God confirmed that it is critical for me to “know my territory”.

With territory defined as:  What I must guard and protect in:

  • my body, my soul and my spirit
  • everything this is valuable (and any weaknesses) in my life
  • everything that is valuable (and any weaknesses) in the lives of my loved ones (and all future generations)
  • my purpose, calling, destiny
  • and certainly God’s Kingdom here on the earth.

My “Territory” is my responsibility to wear and USE the Armor of God with access to my Weapon’s Locker as needed!

So once He planted all that deep in my soul I began to put my arsenal of weapons together based on my Christian journey so far.  In fact, from the wisdom and revelation that I learned from God about all of this I wrote a “Weapons & Strategy” bible study lesson – and taught it to the singles ministry.  The life chart that I created for use in the bible study – is a prayerful personal compilation for each person to fill in detail as they determine which life areas they believe need specific scripture covering applied to them – and then find the scriptures that reveals the Word of God on the matter. This creates for you a strategic spiritual battle plan.

The chart also provides areas for all victories.  Winning a battle over the enemy increases your authority, anointing, wisdom and discernment I have learned.  Don’t put your victories (trophies so-to-speak) on the shelf and forget about them.  USE what you have learned and adapt it as needed in other areas…or be prepared to use the SAME battle plan in case that issue arises again.  The enemy will try you again to see if you are still strong in any victory area I assure you.

Also in the chart is a listing of the names of Jesus where you indicate which aspect of His Glory He has revealed Himself as Lord to you as, i.e., Healer, Provider, Lover of Your soul, Creator, Redeemer…stake your claim on who He is to you!!!  NOTHING is more powerful!

Truly, a Christian’s life strategy is then in place with the Holy Spirit, spiritual chart, personal weapon’s locker.  They are then prepared for guarding their territory.  It doesn’t mean one will never get hit with the enemy’s arrow, nor does it mean one will win all the battles they face, but it does mean that one is being faithful over a few things so that God will make them ruler over much.  It will mean that they can do all things through Christ who gives them strength.  It will mean that wisdom comes to those who ask.

Finally I learned never to take the armor off…and no longer have to remind myself I am dressed in Him each day.  I have also learned that wisdom, obedience and discernment fit powerfully in my weapon’s locker – and make for more wins in battle.  He reveals Himself and His power in all of them.  My Warrior King has taught me so much…and still does!

To close out my sharing today, I would like to include a short story that I wrote based on Revelation 4:1 And there before me was a door standing open in heaven and the voice I had first heard speaking to me…said, “Come…”.


 …as I stepped in, I opened my eyes and saw that I stood near a massive stone structure – with majestic columns and huge entryways.  I reached out and touched the face of the rock near me…curious and amazed.  Continuing on, I stepped through a towering door into a shimmering prism of light.  It appeared to stream from somewhere down a mighty hall.  The floor and the foundation seemed to be a solid rock that had a life of its own.  

 Before I knew it, I neared the room that contained the source of light and warmth began to radiate from deep within me outward…responding, answering, to a call I could only feel but not hear.  He was close!  Sweet Jesus, He must be close.  I began to tremble.  I reached out to grab the doorway nearest me and stepped fully into the beam of light.  For just a second I saw Glory turn and glance at me…then smile.  I fainted at His feet.

 Later, from somewhere deep in my mind, I heard a voice that I had heard before say, “Patti, do you truly love me more than these?”  My heart, then my lips, smiled as I said, “Yes Lord, you know I love you.”  I heard a soft chuckle; felt His fingers brush my face and I opened my eyes.  He said, “Blessings Precious One.  Welcome to my stable.”  I gasped and He laughed.

 As I watched Him enjoy the surprise on my face, He turned and whistled and the most glorious white stallion pranced right up to Jesus – tossing his head as he neared Him.  You could see that Glory had trained this animal.  The devotion in the stallion was pure.  His mission was sure.  He reared up on hind legs and the picture of loyalty and power was absolutely breathtaking.  Suddenly, from all around me came the sounds of millions of horses.  All up and down the hallway, doorway after doorway was filled with white horses calling out to Jesus – white manes flowing.  Jesus called out to them and then He stood.

 The King of Kings and Lord of Lords stood tall and purposeful before His stallion.  Peace in person is indescribable.  Jesus’ hair shimmered like starlight, His eyes flashed with  gold flames, and with power coming off of Him in waves,  He just stood for a moment and spoke not a word.  Looking down at His nail scarred hands He let me see that His heart was fixed on love and victory…and a wedding feast in the near future that He is most hungry for. 

 He walked to the side of the stallion and ran a hand down its muscular shoulder then purposefully He grabbed hold of the mane and swung Himself up and over onto its back.  My heart raced wildly at what was before my eyes.  The picture of Glory in that saddle made my heart near explode.  “Yes” my spirit, said, “Yes…make that ride Holy One…make that ride.”  But then, watching me, He whispered to my heart, “Mercy said no…for it is not my will that any should perish…so, a bit more time Precious One…a bit more time before I make that ride”.

 Jesus straightened and took a deep breath.  Spinning the stallion around I saw Him look long and hard at a blood-red royalty robe hanging just before Him in a huge crystal case dipped in gold and covered in jewels.  I saw Him inhale deeply and say, “Soon…”  Turning back towards me a long, slow smile spread across His face.  His eyes began to dance and all of a sudden He reached out a scarred hand and said, “How about a ride?  Come…come with me…”


Never forget that no matter what your day holds, you are His warrior and He is your King.

Until tomorrow….

Weapons & Strategy

Patti Corbello Archer

June 9, 2011

Story 5 – Up Close & Personal

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