How did I write multiple romantic suspense books in ten months?

Well, I started with the concept of “What if?” for a few months before I began to write.

Then I researched facts on Google to make sure that it was in the realm of possibility. I mean, I know this is fiction, but I like the truth to drip flavor on the tale. And, speaking of food, being from Louisiana, it is all about the flavor. (As I smile and glance to the kitchen since I am hungry.)

Oh, flavor, that brings me to my hero and heroine.

I spent a lot of time riding around in the country and imagining their characters and how they would relate. I began to see them, hear their interactions in mental movie scenes and just knew what choices they would make. They came alive to me with very specific traits and behaviors.

Then I Googled their physical traits that I saw in my mental movies, and all these fabulous pictures popped up on my monitor. I laughed and searched till I found the ones that closest resembled my couple. That made me so happy since I am so visual.

And to that, I have to say, Google is one of my hero’s. She worked hard with me all these months to pile up the facts. I so wished that she had been a man. I would have preferred his whispers of knowledge in my ears.

And with shock, dismay, and thrill, I literally just laid my phone down right now – after I Googled, again, and found out there is a man’s voice that you can enable. (Smile again.) Research will be so much more fun in this next book that I am writing.

But, that’s another tale for another time.

To continue, don’t you think there should be an app for voice or personality options for all robotics? I mean, think about a humanoid cowboy robot in your house saying “Morning baby, what was that you needed?”

I would save my money to buy one, or two.

Ok, back the subject. I was distracted.

So, once I had some research behind my idea and developed main characters, then I began to plot. Which I love. It is like planning a trip to a faraway land where anything is possible. Man, I really like that place. I will continue to write because I want to get back there over and over.

Ok, now I have to stop and go eat.

I hope that you enjoyed these strategic “newbie” novelist thoughts for today…but don’t forget there is always tomorrow.

Keep in touch, and think about that cowboy home robot that might even wash dishes with gloves on so he doesn’t short out. Wink.

Oh happy day to you.

Patti Archer, Happy Writer