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What do you do?

I ask, what do you do when you’ve read 1000s of books? Romance. Mysteries. Thrillers. Dramas.

Then you watch 100s of movies. Action. Adventure. Love. Even scary. You know, the kind you watch through your fingers. Yeah. Those.

I wondered…what if you weave the stories together? Like a basket weaver. Knitter. Gardener grafting branches. An artist. A builder. Even a potter. And simply put the pieces together for one cool story.

And write your own❤


Patti Corbello Archer

Good news! My books are at the library now!

Yay! Received good news!!
My three romantic suspense books are now at the Calcasieu Parish Library. As a local author, it’s important to me for all of the community to have access.
They are stocked at the Moss Bluff and Central branches. They can be transferred. Help me pass it on, please. Love Louisiana stories! ❤📚

Patti Corbello Archer