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Meet the Heroine. Gabrielle.

Meet the Hero. Dakota. Astride his black stallion.

New release cover art!

Come on…you have to give me a moment here. Please!

My new book’s release today – Bloodline – well, what you don’t know is that I designed and created the book cover and advertisements too. I also did the same for the cover of my first novel, Double Target. So, no, I am not looking for graphic work lol. I just wanted to pat myself on the back for the covers.

It’s all a lot of work. The writing. The editing. The graphics. And the marketing. I’m getting there. Learning and loving it. Thanks for being patient with my excitement. It’s an amazing experience. I hope that reading the stories will be a good experience for my readers out there!

Also, for your convenience, and it kind of looks cool, I posted QR codes for both books on my blog. Or, you can search my name on Amazon.

And to close, thank you. I hope you follow me. I hope you take the time to post reviews on the books so others know if you enjoyed the story. And always, I love the personal contact from you.

Happy Friday, my friends.

Patti Corbello Archer

Romantic Suspense – New Release!

Dakota is FBI. Sexy. Native American. Undercover on the river in Lake Charles, Louisiana…watching Gabrielle. She’s beautiful. Amber eyes. Long dark hair. But she is secluded. Afraid and armed. Danger. Killers. A 200 year old secret. But Dakota is warrior on deck. She’s his.


Louisiana Secrets Series: Book One

*** eBook and paperback available on Amazon***

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