Daily Archives: November 11, 2012

God Command: Turn it off!

 Yes, Mighty One, I know that you mean, “Enough of that world!”  Please forgive us, Jesus.  It is so difficult or distracting to communicate with you with noise streaming from every area.  Big screen TVs, internet radios, IPads, IPods, IPhones – and thousands of other media forms have become to us entertainment, escapism, imitation family and friends, addiction and a way to multitask and put more in one hour than we used to be able to accomplish in a day, or two.  With phone calls, text, e-mail, skype, on-line chats, website connections and special delivery we can have so many connections going at once that we struggle to remember who we are connected to! 

What is scary is that many people no longer value face-to-face relationships or the time they cost us in a time pressed world.  Our days are filled with noisy volume and over scheduled deadlines. There is much good in technology, that is undisputable, but life must have quiet too.  Life must value communication outside of media.  True focus and not multitask focus.  Everyday should have a place of value where we just turn the noise off!

Why?  You taught us the reason for that Lord when you stepped out of heaven’s busyness and took time to walk in the garden for a real relationship with Adam and Eve.   You did that to love them face-to-face – a real interactive relationship where one is seeing the other, hearing the other, talking to the other, smelling the other, and touching the other. 

Jesus, you made “love” a beautiful thing to me when you revealed to me that I can still have a real relationship with you like Adam and Eve had all those years ago.  We all can.  As I step close to you and you step close to me I have learned that without all the noise, I can see you in my heart, listen as you share your spirit with me, open myself to you as my spirit talks back to you, feel your breath in the breeze and smell you in the fragrance of… a gardenia, frankincense and myrrh, fresh bread baking, a sweet perfume, a rich cologne…   

Many are afraid of the silence with no noise to protect them.  But you taught me Lord – in the silence it is not really quiet. You are there. Give them wisdom Mighty One to turn off the world so they can find you.  I know it worked for me!

November 11, 2012

Patti Corbello Archer